5 Best Boating Destinations Around the World


WORDS: Peter Minkoff PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied

Whether you prefer the breezy warmth of a tropical beach or the fresh, brisk waves of rivers, we’ve always been drawn to water. You can turn on your lizard mode and sunbathe for hours or you can raft your heart out, but we have that tendency to spend our vacations and getaways near water. The previous year, however, has made certain trips less possible, such as those luxe, but crowded cruises, and those beach escapades with hundreds of tourists rushing to the ocean’s shores. 

In light of the pandemic and the emerging new normal, more people are turning to alternative, more intimate opportunities to head for the open water: boating. With the right cruiser or yacht at your disposal, you can enjoy the local beauty of the Great Barrier Reef or charter a boat to explore the Adriatic coast. Here, we’ll offer a few mesmerizing suggestions to spend your 2021 vacation boating in different destinations, in all of their sparkle and secluded glory.

The Whitsunday Islands

Nothing beats the beauty of Australia’s own coastal destinations, which provide both the hidden and secluded corners away from the crowded and popular beaches, but also the perks of honey-hued beaches and underwater adventures. The Whitsunday islands perfectly match the description, granting you the dreamiest escape from the city hustle in a heartbeat, and they are ideal for those just discovering boating and cruising

Made of up over 70 islands in various sizes, the Whitsundays have earned a global reputation after being home to one of the world’s most beautiful beaches – Whitehaven Beach. Since it’s uninhabited, and perfect for romantic getaways, it’s only reachable by helicopter, seaplane or boat, making it the best opportunity to escape the crowds. 

The Galapagos Islands

Ecuador has been a loved adventure destination for many over the years, but even if you simply want to enjoy the nature without too much physical strain, boating and sailing around the Galapagos islands are perfect options. Unlike the pre-defined cruises and tours, chartering or purchasing your own boat will give you the necessary freedom to get to know the local wildlife – including the famous tortoises and iguanas.

Since this is a well-developed tourist destination, you’ll have plenty of options to explore. Take some time to visit La Loberia, the famous beach where the local sea lions reside, and don’t forget about the world-famous Tortuga Bay.

The Lastovo Islands

Eager to discover an archipelago of remote, truly intact islands with very few inhabitants, nestled in the most beautiful, remotest part of the Adriatic? Just off the shores of Croatia, these 46 islands have no more than 800 people living there permanently, which only elevates the experience for those looking for a genuine, off-the-beaten-track escapade.

To make sure you can wander around and explore the most secluded of the islands and their beaches and nooks, investing in a motor yacht can help make the journey worth your while. A compact yacht will give you the chance to reach those hidden alcoves and spend your time island-hopping and enjoying the delicacies Croatia is famous for. 


One of the reasons so many versed yacht owners love Seychelles is that this breathtaking archipelago is outside the cyclone zone, making it one of the safest areas to sail and boat to your heart’s content. Located in the heart of the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Africa, the Seychelles islands are a sight for sore eyes and a perfect destination for relaxation as well as diving. 

If you’d like to meet the underwater world of Seychelles, then make sure to book your trip during the months of April, or October and November when the sea is calm and it’s easy to reach the best spots for diving. 

The French Riviera

Overlooking the charming nook called Nice, Sir Sean Connery’s French Riviera villa still attracts global travelers to sail along the coast in order to spot this marvelous piece of architecture and history. That, however, is far from the only reason for people to charter a yacht in the South of France, one of the most luxurious destinations in the world known for the azure waves and the sandy beaches. Not to mention the wine and cheese you’ll find once you dock!

If you’d like to get a glimpse of this area’s renowned opulence and bask in all the beauty of the French shore, sailing down the French Riviera should definitely be on your 2021 agenda. Make sure to spend some time admiring the evening view of Monaco and Monte Carlo, as well, whose glitz alone will give you a memorable way to absorb the view from a comfortable distance. 


The world is filled with destinations perfect for lowering your anchor in the middle of all that blue and immersing yourself in the marine beauty of the local islands. The surrounding coastlines are no less impressive. So, make 2021 the year when you make the most of sailing and boating in these and similarly attractive destinations. It helps keep out of crowds, maintain social distancing, but also helps you reconnect with nature and discover once unknown perspectives of travel.