Online Learning For Property Investors Without The Hard-Sell

WORDS: Lisa Harris PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied

How to learn about property investment safely, for free!

It’s true that Australians love property – and just over 2.2 million Australians hold one or more investment properties. But according to a recent Guardian report, nearly a quarter of Australia’s investment property sits in the hands of just 1% of the Australian population.

With Australia’s adult population now sitting at 26.6 million adults, the reality is that most Australians are not currently in the investment property market. Given our love of property, it’s surprising that more Australians aren’t entering the property investment market.

Finvest Founder Lisa Harris isn’t so surprised. After coaching aspiring property investors for more than a decade, and being an active investor herself, Lisa thinks she knows.

“Lots of people lose heart. They set out to learn the fundamental principles but get discouraged by the hype, industry-speak and more than occasional hard-sell. It’s a shame because property investment can be very rewarding and it’s not that complex. But it does require that early-stage property investors get off on the right foot. And that often needs a non-intimidating environment”.

This, and an unexpected pandemic was the catalyst behind Finvest Academy. Born during one of the many COVID lockdowns, Finvest Academy was initially designed as an online support platform for Finvest’s coaching clientele – a community known with extreme affection as finvesters. As word spread, finvesters started referring their friends to the free platform. Finvest Academy quickly took on a life of its own.

Lisa soon recognised that Finvest Academy was, in fact, the non-threatening online learning environment that budding property investors needed to get the positive start they deserved.

6 years later and having served more than 2000 online students, it continues to provide support for Finvest’s coaching clients. But the Academy also serves a growing cohort of people who simply want to broaden their understanding, learn from active investors and develop practical skills. According to Harris, “the mini-courses are very similar in content to our personal coaching programmes – but delivered in a self-paced, small-bite video format that anyone can access.”

Best of all, the Academy is free and participants can, if they want to, go on to access Finvest’s portfolio of off-market premium investment opportunities.

It’s a perfect combination for those who want to put their new-found skills and confidence into action.

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