Little Miss Stays Sober… Even Through Cancer!

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If you’ve been on Twitter, Instagram or TikTok this week, you’ll have seen the Little Miss viral memes popping up. On TikTok, the hashtag has clocked up over 89 million views.

As a child, I loved the Mr Men series and had a collection of the books. I didn’t have this one (below), which caught my eye as it did the rounds on Twitter and I reckon sums me up:

Then I turned into Little Miss Going Down The Rabbit Hole and found these absolutely brilliant cancer ones from Ohyouresotough on Insta:



Insta genius: Ohyouresotough

They made me laugh SO hard anyone would think I’m about to finish chemo!

I’ve said it a million times during this breast cancer journey, I thank God every single day (several times actually) that I’ve tackled this sober. Every day I’ve lived in a place of gratitude and not given into self-pity or negativity. I’ve taken it day by day, and truly lived life like a loose garment.

Tears? Yes, there have been lots along the way.

I’ve cried a lot this week. It may well be the steroids, which really don’t agree with me and I can’t wait to be rid of. But it’s also sheer relief to have made it.

I read some research this week, which said that about 50 per cent of people with breast cancer have depression or anxiety.

Without doubt it significantly affects both your physical and mental health. But, I’ve found, it also reminds me how tough and resilient I am as a human.

Life isn’t about having a smooth ride through life, it’s about how you keep your sh*t together through the storms!

Someone asked me this week what I’ve eaten through chemo. In a nutshell, I’ve tried to eat clean: lots of protein (chicken, fish, protein shakes), vegetables (especially broccoli), healthy fats (nuts, seeds, avocado), high fiber foods (whole grains, flax seeds, fruits).

I also read that polyphenols (found in fruits, berries, grains) may help prevent tumour growth and metastasis.

Eating blueberries has also been found to have an association with lower breast cancer mortality.

Interestingly, drinking a lot of fruit juice (especially orange juice) has been associated with poorer survival rates from breast cancer. Me, I stick to water and if I want flavour, I pop a multivitamin in to make a DIY vitamin water; that’s been my go-to during chemo to make sure my body is getting everything it needs and more!

Foods to avoid include alcohol, so that’s all good as I’m nearly seven years sober. Also spicy or acidic foods (remember I mentioned that tomatoes have been uninvited to my taste bud parties?) and highly processed foods (which I try to avoid anyway).

So, folks, at 9am Friday 29 July I have my last chemo treatment.

Next week we move into the next chapter of this boob-shaped bun fight; I see my surgeon on Thursday.

But, for today, I am absolutely giddy to be ticking off the chemo!

More soon,

Corrine x

Corrine was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer, which has spread to her lymph nodes. Her medical oncologists are pursuing a “cure”, which will begin with a six-month course of chemotherapy at Gold Coast University Hospital, followed by surgery at Robina Hospital and then likely further treatment. Corrine will be writing a weekly blog journaling her personal journey for Ocean Road Magazine throughout her breast cancer.