Event Planning Trends That Will be Trending in 2023

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What seemed like an end to the world of corporate events during the pandemic, has now completely transformed and the event industry looks even more promising than before with a lot of new trends that feature new goals and values.  The events of the future will be more sustainable, accessible and engaging. The goal is to deliver more unique experiences for everyone, with inclusivity in mind. Here is everything there is to know about event planning in 2023. 

In-person events

Although no one can deny the convenience of hosting online events, many people are yearning for in-person events, this doesn’t mean that online events were all for nothing. There is a lot of value to be derived from the disruptions caused by the pandemic and the big lesson is that online events allow for an even bigger outreach. That is why in 2023 hybrid events are likely to be the sweet spot. This will allow event managers to expand their lists of attendees by offering live-stream optionality for their events. This is also a great backup option to have since online attendance is still for the most part cheaper than visiting in-person, especially now that the global economy is experiencing challenges regarding gas and energy prices. The ability to attend a given event online will allow people who couldn’t otherwise come to still take part. This is a great way to present your brand as accessible and inclusive, allowing absolutely anyone to attend.  

More focus on overall well-being

With the sedentary lifestyle associated with home-based working, there is extra effort that will go into making the corporate culture healthier and better for the overall employee well-being this year. This will affect corporate event planning too. That is why events in 2023 will focus on promoting good health practices. For instance, regular breaks should be scheduled in order to prevent people from getting bored and to allow them to refresh between sections. The choice of food at these events will also be better, with many healthy snack options that are now available on the market. 

Better visibility

One big part of successful event planning is its promotion. In many well-developed countries such as Australia event planners and marketers understand just how challenging it is to deliver the ultimate experience for attendees.  That is why the promotion of an event should not only happen leading up to the event but also during and after it. One common mistake that many organizers make is that they make events feels somewhat exclusive and elite. Where non-attendees do not have the chance to catch a glimpse of the event’s magic. This is a bad practice in marketing in general because it cuts off the pipeline, and robs many people off the chance to get involved with the brand. Luckily, you can paint a much better picture and showcase your events by hiring professionals to take your event photos in Australia. Stunning photos can serve as beautiful memories for the people who attended the event, but also as promotional content for new people who would like to attend in the future. This is how making events visible for the wider audience will be done in 2023.

Use of new technology

Planning an event that is truly hybrid in nature is all but stress-free. There is a lot of things to cover. Luckily, new technology allows event organizers to deliver more authentic and memorable events using AR and VR technologies. These new tech tools can make the event feel that much more engaging as individual exhibits and pieces of content can be delivered in more than one way.  This is especially effective if content is delivered through an interactive medium, where attendees can contribute back to the event by offering their unique insights.

Sustainable gatherings

There is a lot of effort placed into making industries all over the world more sustainable and effective. This is true for all aspects of running a business, including event hosting. That is why events in 2023 will focus on delivering the ultimate experience but with reduced energy costs. When organizing an event every little decision matters and can play a considerable role later. Everything from choosing the venue, to the number of attendees, and the food choice should be taken into consideration. A good place to start is with your staff, as the entire event will be organized and assisted by them directly. By informing them on best ‘green’ practices you will be a step closer to making the entire event more efficient and sustainable. 

The way in which people organize corporate events has gone through a comprehensive transformation and new hybrid approaches are here to stay. Along with that, events in 2023 should also be more visible, healthy, tech-oriented, and sustainable.