Australia’s Festivals Shine Bright with Social Media Spotlight

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Festivals have always been a way for every region to proudly share their cultural phenomena and strengthen unity. Social media, especially through artists and influencers sharing travel content, is an effective way of showcasing cultural beauty across countries; their promotion attracts people who may not have been previously aware of these cultural gems.

Australia holds various festivals yearly with its diverse concepts of fun-fest every year. Uniting people in their engagement even reached the interest of audiences worldwide, making them want to try or experience one of Australia’s festivals.

Virtual Influencers: The Power Of Social Media

If you’re active on social media, you’ve likely come across information about Australia shared by influencers, local citizens, and celebrities or artists. At some point, virtual influencers have enthusiastically promoted their festival experiences, showcasing vibrant music, massive crowds, delicious food, cultural events, and the latest fashion trends of the country. These virtual influencers have the ability to spread joy and create virtual communities. Resulting in more appreciation for their culture and the ways in which some countries celebrate the way Aussies do. TikTok is the most used online platform for creators, followed by Instagram and YouTube. Reaching a broader global audience, inviting tourists to add these events to their bucket lists.

Year-Round Gems: An Invitation to Unforgettable

If you’re into unique art and music, consider joining the excitement of Australia’s festivals. Every year, they celebrate with various themes, and one standout event is “The Festival of the Winds.” This festival is one of the world’s biggest kite festivals, featuring creative and colourful flying kites in different shapes. It’s perfect content for influencers on TikTok, getting thousands of views, no matter how many followers they have. The festival takes place in Bondi Beach, a popular and beautiful destination in Australia. Given its aesthetic appeal, it naturally finds its way to Instagram. Imagine being a part of this celebration!

Followed by light festivals like Parrtjima in Alice Springs, Northern Territory—a festival that shows indigenous dances and storytelling, offering visitors a deeper understanding of the meaning behind Aboriginal art and the cultural depth of the Arrernte people, representing Australia’s Indigenous communities.

As of the latest count, there are over 4,000 tags for the Alice Springs location on TikTok. It does not appear to be a popular destination now, despite the handful of mentions on TikTok and Instagram. This may be attributed to the festival’s location being a desert, making it a less popular option.

As captivating as it may be, let’s shift our focus to Music and Arts Festivals in Australia, an absolute delight for music enthusiasts. “Splendour in the Grass” serves as a prime example of these festivals, featuring diverse music genres such as indie, rock, and hip-hop, along with captivating displays of visual arts and art installations.

Within this vibrant mix of music and arts, Australian casinos seamlessly integrate into the entertainment spectrum, offering festival goers an extra layer of leisure. The influence of music festivals extends beyond cultural experiences and leaves its mark on casino games. Thousands of themed pokies inspired by festivals and music are available for fans to enjoy through safe, accessible, and, above all, legal websites for the best gaming experience.

Photo by Danny Howe on Unsplash

The Ultra Music Festival Australia is one of the most successful yearly music festivals. As an award-winning event, it has played a pivotal role in bringing electronic dance music (EDM) into the broader pop culture landscape. You will find YouTube videos where contributors and influencers joyfully showcase the exhilarating atmosphere of the music festival. In April 2024, it will be held over two days in different locations: Gold Coast on the 12th and Melbourne on the 13th, making this the fifth year.

Aside from lights, music, and kites, you might want to check out ‘Dark Mofo’ if you want a spooky event. It is a festival in the winter organized by an art museum in Hobart. Showcasing dark performances and Tasmania’s products, such as foods and drinks in their dining event called ‘Winter Feast.’

However, it’s essential to be aware that ‘Dark Mofo’ has encountered controversies in recent years, leading to discussions on Twitter—a platform recognised for hosting trending topics, rants, and controversies that would lead to conversations around cancellation. Beyond the “cancel culture,” you may also find Australian festivals and events discussed on Twitter, but people normally use it as a powerful court of public opinion when one subjects others to their displeasure.

Lastly, if you want an amusing experience, then the Melbourne International Comedy Festival is the best place for you to visit. It is one of the three largest comedy festivals globally. Now, which of these have you added to your bucket list? If you haven’t decided yet, check out the videos shared by influencers on the different platforms.