2022 Kitchen Trends to Keep an Eye On

WORDS: Diana Smith PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied

When ordering kitchen remodels today, people usually focus on creating a calming and functional space. The stress of our everyday lives is a huge problem, so all of us are aiming to feel safe and cozy in our spaces, kitchens included. People are just now realizing that we’re a part of nature and we have to nurture it, so environmental friendliness is a trend that we can expect to see woven into every part of home design. Apart from green design, there are other trends we have to keep an eye on in 2022.

The New Year is just around the corner, so it’s time to prepare for design surprises and check out some new trends popular in the design world. What can you expect? Here are some fresh trends for every 2022 kitchen:


Many of us struggle with narrow, squared or uneven kitchens that are hard to design, so we can all look forward to lux compact design. If you want to be a responsible homeowner, you need to employ every square inch of your space to boost efficiency. Luckily, the trend of compactness is a great answer to our problems. A kitchen island is a great way to use space. A mobile island is an even better solution because it can provide access to all kitchen areas and even serve as extra seating in a pinch. And you can easily store cooking utensils under the island.

Two-tone color palette

In the past, everything in the kitchen needed to match, but those days are gone. Since cuisines and lifestyles are becoming intertwined more with every day, combining two colors in the kitchen is a logical design move for 2022 since it adds exotic and foreign flavour into your space. A two-tone colour palette can completely change the vibe of the space. For example, imagine a great effect of combining deep and dark elements and bright shades—this space has depth and character.

Dark finishes

Modern design still focuses on dark finishes in the kitchen (this is probably the result of a switch to two-toned spaces). The dark colors are beautifully contrasted by lighter furnishing and accents, and this combination is suitable for all kitchens if you’re aiming for an air of glamour and elegance. Using dark shades on surfaces like countertops, floors and kitchen dishes can create a very comforting feel, especially when combined with wood textures.

Dining islands

In smaller spaces, islands and breakfast bars are often used both for daily meals and storage, but this trend is growing and reaching a new height. In 2022, we will see that the kitchen island can be supplied with additional space for dining. This means your island will be able to store necessities and host dinner parties at the same time! If you look for Bentwood chairs for sale and get a few ones for your island, you will perfectly combine cooking, socializing and relaxation. This is the best way to utilize your space, boost compactness and combine all the best trends of modern kitchen design into one.

Built-in appliances

There are new kitchen gadgets dropping every year, and while we all want to have them, we don’t want to see them, so expect the trend of hidden appliances to blow up in 2022. Homeowners are very particular about the design of their devices, but when they are built-in, you can get a streamlined finish without sacrificing style no matter the look of your appliances. You can hide appliances with simple cabinets and storage boxes. Hidden appliance garages are also expected to be big.

Innovative extraction hoods

Hoods will always have a place in the kitchen, but in 2022, they will get a new look. Most designers are shifting towards downward extraction systems that remove vapors directly from the source i.e. from the stove before they have time to get in the air. This feature is very important for comfort, especially in open kitchens where regular hoods create a visual obstacle. Downward extraction allows for a very minimalist and streamlined look.

Like every year so far, 2022 is preparing its trends. So far, they all look more than acceptable and effective for all kitchens and all wallets. So if you’re planning a remodel, make sure to take a few 2022 trends and adopt them into your space—you won’t regret it once you have a functional yet Instagramable kitchen.