Introducing Rippl Water | A New Wave of Fresh & Fun Hydration

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Rippl water is the newest Australian water brand that offers fresh, eco-friendly aluminium canned and bottled water with a range of licensed designs and customisable branding options for consumers and businesses. Rippl water provides an innovative, sustainable, healthy and cost-effective way for businesses and customers to promote their brand, event or campaign. From weddings, corporate events and music festivals to wholesale stock of personalised cans for brands and businesses, Rippl is a small choice with a big wave of impact.

In addition to the customisable branding opportunities, Rippl also features limited-edition licensed can designs, from artworks to your favourite pop culture icons and brands including Disney, Star Wars, Jurassic World, Mattel and Hello Kitty, just to name a few. The highly anticipated Star Wars range will be available at 7-Eleven stores this May. Rippl also offers custom fridges in 4 different sizes perfect for office spaces and events, to stock Rippl cans.

Rippl Water sources its 100% sustainable Australian spring water from Black Hill in Millbrook, Victoria. The spring boasts a natural alkalinity of PH7.8-8.0, offering consumers high-quality, natural water. The Rippl range includes three aluminium vessel options: a 300ml can, a 400ml bottle, and a 680ml bottle, available in both still and sparkling varieties.

Rob Hilton, entrepreneur, business mogul, and creative director behind Mammoth Brands, brings over 35 years of industry experience to lead Rippl Water. Hilton’s vision for Rippl is to offer Australian consumers and businesses a refreshing and inspiring form of hydration that also prioritises sustainability and allows businesses to promote their brand in a unique way.

“Rippl Water is not just about drinking; it’s about making a statement with every sip,” said Hilton.

“Our aim is to offer a product that is both good for the planet and our customers, by providing a customisable, sustainable, and premium hydration experience. Not to mention one of the best promotional products I’ve seen in my 35 years of being in the industry.”

Rippl water is available now to order online and will be coming to 7-Eleven stores across Australia this May, with plans for expansion into additional retail locations. For more information on Rippl Water and to explore the range, please visit

About Rippl:

Drinking Rippl water is the small choice with big waves of impact. Every one of our limited-edition cans helps free our planet from plastic’s reign. Filled with pure, natural goodness sustainably sourced from Australian volcanic springs. Together we can make a difference and it all starts with a sip.




About Mammoth Brands:

Mammoth Brands have a crystal-clear vision: designing outstanding brands and licensed products that reimagine everyday items at affordable price points. Not limited by convention, they extend beyond traditional avenues, their mission embracing new horizons such as E-commerce and on-demand services for both retail and corporate demands.