ZipSites Helping Clients to Punch Above Their Weight


Undefeated Australian Heavyweight Boxing Champion Demsey McKean is now punching above his weight thanks to a chance encounter with ZipSites co-founder, Max Perks back in 2019.

Max Perks was living in the right apartment building when he ran into neighbour, Demsey McKean. Unaware of his boxing reputation, Max casually began helping Demsey with a small job for the boxing gym where he worked as a trainer. As time went on both Demsey and Max were surprised to learn of each other’s unique abilities, Demsey’s reputation in the ring and Max’s skill behind the screen.

This neighbourly assistance turned out to be  just the beginning of a blossoming business relationship, as Demsey learnt more of ZipSites’ offerings,  led by Max and fellow co-founder, Ben Kirwood.

Demsey, with his boxing abilities, established personal brand and unapologetic ambition, was already thinking of ways to capitalise on new opportunities and support his World Title dream through sponsorships, promotions and more, and quickly aligned himself with the ZipSites team.

ZipSites had the unique opportunity to build McKean his dream website, providing him the platform to promote his personal brand, build subscriber lists and create additional merch functionalities.

“Big thanks to Max and Ben from ZipSites who have jumped onboard as a major sponsor and created me a phenomenal website… They’ve done a great job putting this together and I can’t recommend them highly enough,” Demsey said.

As far as Max and Ben were concerned, “it was a no brainer” to support Demsey McKean.

“The opportunity to optimise Demsey’s digital platform, identify new opportunities and support his goals was something the ZipSites team had only dreamed of,” Mr Kirwood said. ZipSites is a digital marketing agency that is quickly making a name for themselves within the industry, thanks to their work with  high profile clients such as Demsey McKean, retired Australian cricketer Ian Healy and other established national enterprises.

Max and Ben crossed paths in a local surf club on the Gold Coast back in 2017. Discovering their shared passion for digital marketing and design technology, the pair decided to take the leap and start up their own digital agency, ZipSites.

Over the years, they’ve been able to use digital design and technical marketing to drive growth, provide value and create increased opportunities for a variety of different businesses. Their reputation is built on the backs of their experience and raving reviews from clients.

ZipSites stumbled on another unique opportunity when they ran into Ian Healy, former Australian wicket keeper and media personality. Healy along with Chris Johns own and manage 10 locations of Hoppy’s Handwash Cafe across Gold Coast and Brisbane.

After hearing Ian’s goals and aspirations for the business, ZipSites were quick to identify ways to add value and capitalise on new opportunities through their unique and innovative approaches.

The team took it a step further, re-organising Hoppy’s data, setting it up so they’re able to clearly segment their customers based on individual purchase history.

“ZipSites initiated innovative digital solutions that we only hoped were possible. The team were able to firstly compile, then utilise our extensive and daunting data to then educate us on where our gaps were in customer communication.

“Implementing technology to assist us in capitalising on such undiscovered opportunities seems second nature to them but extremely clever to us!

“Throughout the development of our new website and CRM platforms, the communication and support I received from the ZipSites team was outstanding. The outcomes are everything we asked for and more,” said Ian Healy.

Ben, Max and the ZipSites team don’t look like they’re slowing down anytime soon. Their brand new website introduces new technological and marketing services designed to provide the best possible results, helping businesses scale, increase their return on investment and boost sales.

ZipSites’ advanced services cater to all business goals from search engine optimisation and business growth to data management and automation integration.

ZipSites’ work with Demsey McKean and Ian Healy is testament to their quality service, unique capabilities and creative innovation.

“Any businesses looking at getting a new website or a refresh, be sure to hit these guys up! … They’re the best marketing strategists on the coast.”

– Demsey McKean

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