Tweed River House Recipes – Scallop & Beetroot dishes

WORDS: Tweed River House - Executive Chef Joseph McGrattan PHOTOGRAPHY Tweed River House

Grilled Scallops

3 large scallops in 1/2 shell per person
45g nduja butter
1/2 lemon
30ml ink aioli
10 g gremolata crumble
5g fingerlime pearls

nduja butter:-

100g garlic butter
100g butter
20g nduja
5ml lemon juice
2g salt

mix all together

ink aioli:-

100g aioli
10g squid ink
5g lemon juice
3g salt

gremolata crumble:-

2 lemons microplaned
200g gluten free bread crumbs
10g chopped tarragon
5g chopped chives
5g chopped parsley

toast crumbs until light brown, combine with rest

to serve

put butter on scallops and grill for 2 mins under hot grill
add bread crumbs to scallop and grill for a further 1 min
put scallop shells on pale
dot each scallop with 2 dots of ink aioli
top each scallop with some fingerlime pearls
put lemon wedge on plate and garnish with watercress and flowers and serve

Beetroot Textures

1 red beetroot
1 golden beetroot
1 target beetroot
90g creamy feta
15g pecans
10g pickled fennel
10g riberry dressing
10g apple salad
1 carraway tuile


simmer beetroots in separate pots until cooked through
cool and peel all beetroots, cut into large slices
make a basic pickle by combining

100ml cider vinegar
200ml water
100g caster sugar
5g fennel seed
5g star anise

bring to boil and pour over sliced beetroots in three separate trays and allow to cool


150g feta
20g creme fraiche

break up feta
whisk feta and creme until combined and not lumpy


toast in oven or pan

pickled fennel:-

100ml white wine
50g champagne vinegar
200g water
15g caster sugar
2g salt
1 lemon zested
1 sprig tarragon
1 fennel bulb

mix together liquids sugar salt lemon tarragon and boil
fine slice fennel, add fennel to boiling pickle, take off heat

riberry dressing:-

100 g riberry (clove lilliepillie)[]
50g raspberry vinegar
30ml hazelnut oil

bring vinegar to boil
add riberrys to vinegar and remove from heat
add hazelnut oil and season

Apple salad:-

1 red apple
10g olive oil
5ml lemon juice
1/2tsp chopped chives
1/2 tsp chopped dill

fine dice apple
combine with rest and season

carraway tuile:-

100g gluten free flour
200g egg whites
75g garlic butter

whisk whites until loose and frothy
whisk in flour to whites
melt butter and whisk into egg and flour mix
chill in fridge 1 hour
spread tuile batter on baking paper on tray
sprinkle batter with carraway seeds
bake tuile in 200oc oven for 7 mins, cool

To Assemble:-

place a slice of each beetroot on plate
put a quennelle of feta mousse on and beside each beetroot
put a tsp of apple salad on beetroot
scatter some pickle fennel over beetroots
place 5 pecans on top of beetroots
dress salad with 1 tbsp of riberry dressing
place tuile on top of feta mousse
garnish with flowers and microherbs