Tweed Experiences


There’s no doubt the Tweed Valley is one of the most beautiful places on earth!


Nestled inside one of the world’s largest extinct volcanos, the Tweed Valley delights with lush rainforests, crystal sparkling streams, an enchanting river and endless white surfing beaches and headlands.

If Surfers Paradise owns the name Gold Coast then surely the Tweed, as locals call it, must surely lay claim to being the Green Coast.

And yes, it truly is one of the most naturally beautifully places on earth.
In recent years, the tourism/visitor experience has evolved into providing a range of products and services to delight those that explore the wonders of this natural wonderland.

There are now many world-class restaurants, art galleries, museums, resorts and retreats.

Collectively these are now providing art trails, food trails and adventure trails for those that want to experience nature and participate in something more.

The Regional Art Gallery in Murwillumbah is breathtaking – particularly the Margaret Olley section that faithfully reconstructed her Sydney house within the gallery. Mavis’ Kitchen is growing in popularity each day as a place for fine food and accommodation and then there’s retreats like Ecoasis between Uki and Stokers Siding or the charming village of Tyalgum where the famous Flutterbies Cottage Café wins over so many satisfied customers each day. Husk Distillery is a runaway success that is a must see for visitors and even the village of Burringbar is coming to life with a new Cheese Factory (Tweed Valley Whey) and don’t forget Heath’s Old Wares for a step back into the past.

The Tweed Valley is well worth a visit and here’s a tip, make it a full day!