Top Trends in Education Industry for 2023


WORDS: Peter Minkoff PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied

The education industry is one of the rare industries that are constantly changing and making big steps in order to become better and more in tune with times. In 2023, we can expect education to change even more and develop new strategies and trends that will put a big smile on students’ faces. Let’s look at the top trends in education for 2023 we can all look forward to: 

Life-long learning

Traditional education mainly focuses on training kids up to a certain age, after which they are expected to start working and putting their learned skills to practice. This type of learning has always been reserved for classrooms where people spend 15-20 years learning with teachers and professors—all later learning efforts were self-motivated. Today, we see that skills and knowledge can become outdated and insufficient in a matter of years. By the time you turn 30, the things you learned at 15 might not be accurate or relevant anymore. That’s why we’re putting more and more emphasis on lifelong learning with mentors and coaches available to all industries. 

Extended reality

Today we have laptops, phones, tables and VR glasses, all of which can be an extension of learning. Educators today, and especially in the near future, will provide students with virtual learning lessons that are 100% immersive and interactive. Extended reality (including virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality) can grab and hold the attention of even the youngest learners. With these advancements in education tech, students can expect to walk the streets of ancient Egypt and listen to philosophers’ debates from ancient Greece amphitheaters. It’s also possible to use VR or AR to practice public speaking in front of an audience or provide instructions on how to repair a machine to someone on the other side of the world. Extended reality tech is slowly becoming available to students and in 2023, we can expect a real boom in demand for immersive learning.  

Online learning

With the unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic, we realized that online learning is more than possible and in some cases, even preferred. Online learning has never been more popular, especially among people who live in remote parts of the world or need to work while studying. Thanks to online classes, it’s possible to attend lectures from any part of the world and minimize time lost on commuting. And thanks to online program management tools, universities and schools are creating unique programs adjusted to all students’ needs. Whit great management tools, educational establishments can achieve a more meaningful reach and impact and offer precisely the type of education students need for future work. 


Today, many of us suffer from very short attention spans and lack of patience, mostly due to fast social media content we consume every day. Also, many people are very busy throughout the day and have only a few minutes to dedicate to learning before their baby wakes up or they have to get back to work. In 2023, we can expect an increase in delivery of short lessons called micro-learning or nano-learning. These short lessons can be accessed whenever and wherever you are, available to us in an interesting, easy-to-understand format. 

Soft-skill learning

There’s an increase in demand for employees who excel at so-called soft skills. Hard skills refer to technical, practical and task-based skills (coding, grammar, analytics, math, etc.), which are specific, measurable abilities often necessary for doing tasks at school or work. On the other hand, we have soft skills which are highly social and personal traits. The word ‘traits’ makes people think that soft skills can’t be learned, but that’s not true. Communication, listening, time management and empathy are just some of the soft skills that can be taught, and we can expect to see more and more classes and lectures on the subject. 

Education is changing, thankfully, in the right direction. In 2023, we can look forward to many amazing lessons in education and many improvements that will make learning easier, more interesting and more accessible.