Tips for Aging Happily, Healthily and Gracefully


WORDS: Peter Minkoff PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied

According to many people all over the world, Australia is an amazing place for seniors. It’s got a great climate, kilometres and kilometres of beaches, great healthcare system and many amazing retirement homes. However, Australians can’t leave their healthy aging to chance. There are always things one can do to make their aging healthy, happy and graceful. Here are some great tips to prepare for the best retirement possible: 

Pay attention to your diet

It’s hard to accept that you’re not in your 30s anymore, even though you might feel young, but your body is changing. After you turn 60, your diet should change as well, ditching fast food and greasy snacks for something lighter like fruit and veggies. Lean protein and whole grains are always welcome in your life, though. According to research, following a Mediterranean diet with less dairy and fatty meat and more fresh produce is the best for health in any stage of life. If you suffer from high blood pressure, there are low-salt diets that can help you regulate your hypertension. 

Boost exercise

Many senior people think that they are too old to exercise. However, moderate exercise is beneficial to all. As a senior, you don’t have to start training for the Sydney marathon, but you can boost your walking and start lifting some light weights. The latter is especially important for ladies over 50, because this is when you start to lose muscle mass and bone density. You can easily include brisk walks into your daily schedule to exercise your cario health and invest in some light weights to boost muscle tone. 

Find a good community

Australian seniors are blessed with different options for senior accommodation. Many choose to age slowly at home and stay surrounded by their favourite things, but others might choose to move to a nursing home. Nursing homes are great for both healthy seniors and those with health, mobility and cognitive issues. If you check out nursing homes in Melbourne, you can find facilities that offer premium care for all of their residents. The best ones offer amazing clinical care in the finest environment. And the best thing is that you can socialize with other residents and make meaningful connections. Loneliness in old age can be hard to endure, and in nursing homes, you can find a closely-knit community to have your back. 

Prioritize sleep and rest

Rest is always important, no matter how old you are. However, many seniors don’t get enough sleep, even though they have time for it. Being in pain, being sick and taking certain medications might keep people awake. Being sleep-deprived can cause various issues like depression, irritability and forgetfulness, and it puts you at greater risk of falls and accidents. If you struggle with sleep, try to create a good bedtime schedule and stick to it. Besides trying to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, you can also avoid napping, drinking strong tea and exercising too close to bedtime. 

Quit smoking

Many old people still have a nasty habit of smoking. According to research, it doesn’t matter how long you have been smoking, quitting can improve your health. By quitting smoking, you can lower your risk of cancer, improve your blood circulation, improve your sense of smell and taste, increase your fitness and set a good example for those you find dear. Plus, you’ll save money and have some extra bucks to spend on good food, cinema and bingo. 

Schedule your doctor’s visits

Depending on your health, try to visit the doctor at least once a year, even more often. Regular screenings can help specialists catch any issues early, before they cause you any issues. And today, when we have so many diseases that develop quickly, early detection is crucial. Don’t wait until you start noticing any symptoms! 

For many, their senior years end up being the best years of their lives. You can also enjoy this future if you follow these tips and pay more attention to your health and lifestyle.