The Juliet Laser: Just for her

WORDS: Donna Tanchev, Her Medical principal doctor PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied

The Juliet Laser is a quick, painless way to rejuvenate vaginal tissue impacted by everything from menopausal hormone changes to cancer treatments.

The Juliet is an Erbium: YAG laser, which enables painless, effective and gentle rejuvenation of vaginal tissue that also improves unwanted loss of urine/weak bladder.

The Juliet laser allows deep tissue treatment at precisely the area where it is needed.

In Her Medical principal doctor Donna Tanchev’s opinion, the Juliet, being newer technology, achieves longer-lasting results and a better result in fewer treatments compared with other lasers on the market.

Menopausal hormone changes or hormonal treatments (e.g. for breast cancer) can cause the lining of the vagina to become thin and dry, which can make intercourse painful and cause itch, irritation, discharge and spotting.

The Juliet Laser uses heat to stimulate new collagen and elastin production of the vaginal lining, resulting in a plumper, more elastic, hydrated and thicker lining with improved lubrication and less discomfort.

Pregnancy, childbirth and ageing can often cause vaginal wall laxity and urinary stress incontinence, with involuntary loss of urine during coughing, sneezing or exercise. The Juliet Laser tightens the vaginal canal and supporting structures around the bladder, improving sensation during intercourse (for both you and your partner), and reduces urine leakage with physical activity, coughing or sneezing.

The external labia majora and labia minora can also be treated with The Juliet Laser, plumping up the outer labia and tightening and retracting the inner labia.

The Juliet Laser treatment is painless and takes approximately 30 minutes. It is recommended that patients abstain from intercourse for 72 hours following treatment. Occasionally, a panty liner can be worn for light vaginal discharge that lasts for up to five days after treatment.

Pre-menopausal women will usually only need one treatment. Some post-menopausal women may benefit from a second treatment approximately three months later.

Improvements can be noticed almost immediately, with maximal tightening due to new collagen formation continuing for up to three months post-treatment.

Dr Donna performs the assessment and treatment of vaginal rejuvenation at Her Medical. The procedure is suitable for most women and a consultation with Dr Donna is recommended beforehand to assess suitability and address any concerns before treatment.

Dr Donna understands the personal and intimate nature of these concerns and her compassion ensures you achieve the best possible results for a condition that is often very difficult to talk about, let alone seek treatment for.

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