The Complete Aussies Guide to Gambling Tourism


In 2022, the gambling industry in Australia contributed a staggering 420 million Australian dollars to the country’s economy. The growth of the gambling industry also marked the increasing popularity of international gambling tourism.

Driven by the pursuit of thrill and novelty, many Australians are trading the comforts of their homes to explore the exciting world of international casino gambling. From the vibrant city of Las Vegas to beautiful Macau, Australians are getting out of the country, traveling to experience the captivating world of casinos in various countries.

However, one thing that requires attention to online gambling is the tax implications associated with winnings from overseas online gambling. This article offers a comprehensive guide to help Australian gambling tourists understand and navigate taxation rules that govern potential winnings from gambling abroad.

The Evolution of Gambling Tourism in Australia

Australians have an intrinsic bond with online pokies. According to the Australian Institute of  Family Studies, about three-quarters of Australian adults gambled at least once in the past 12 months. This fondness for gambling extends to the tourism industry, with many Australians traveling abroad to gamble.

The Key Drivers of Tourism Gambling Among Australians

In addition to their fondness for gambling, the following factors contribute to the increasing number of Australians who gamble abroad:

  • Diverse gambling experience
  • Love for adventure and travel
  • The prospect of gambling in luxurious casino destinations
  • Higher payouts
  • Promotional offers
  • Ease of travel
  • Healthy financial condition

The ease of travel, excitement, and increased disposable income encourage Australians to travel and gamble in other global gambling destinations.

Is it legal for an Australian citizen to gamble outside of Australia? 

As per Australian tax laws, it is legal for Australians to gamble outside Australia. Gambling regulations are jurisdiction-specific, and the legality of gambling activities would depend on the host country’s specific laws and regulations.

The legal status of gambling varies between countries. As a gambling tourist, you can ensure compliance by familiarizing yourself with the local laws of your destination before engaging in any gambling activities.

Popular Destination among Aussie Gambling Tourists

The unique blend of thrilling gaming experiences and a vibrant atmosphere of luxury makes a casino attractive to tourists. Gambling tourists prefer casinos that offer diverse entertainment, fine dining, shopping, and other leisure activities.

Below are places that stand out for popular gambling destinations:

Las Vegas Nevada

Las Vegas holds a magnetic appeal for gambling tourists. More than the allure of high stakes, the sin city embodies luxury and class. In 2021, 76% of visitors gambled during their stay, reflecting the city’s appeal to gaming enthusiasts.

The impressive 38.8 million visitors who flocked to Las Vegas in 2022 also demonstrated the enduring appeal of this Entainment Capital of the World. For Australians, this vibrant city offers not just the thrill of gambling but the experience of luxury, entertainment, and the opportunity to engage with a global crowd of fellow tourists.

Furthermore, the blend of high-stakes gaming and an electric atmosphere makes Las Vegas attractive to Australians.

Monte Carlo Monaco

Sophistication is a key factor that differentiates Monte Carlo. This district is found in the sun-drenched city-state of Monaco and is known in history to symbolize luxury, wealth, and glamour.

Currently, the Monte Carlo fame goes beyond its rich history to include its popularity in offering an unparalleled gambling experience that blends elegance with the thrill of chance. Far from the loud noises and bright lights often associated with casinos, Monte Carlo provides an ambiance of classic prestige and exclusivity.

In addition to various gaming options, Monte Carlo visitors can explore the Riviera lifestyle. Visitors can spend their days playing high-stakes games and indulge themselves with an evening aboard a private yacht in the sparkling Mediterranean waters.

Morte Carlo offers a distinct experience for an Assie gambling tourist seeking to different experience from the typical casino setting. The place allows visitors to immerse themselves in European elegance while enjoying high-quality gaming.


Otherwise known as the ‘Las Vegas of Asia,’ Macao is uniquely charming in the gambling tourism industry. As the only region in China where gambling is legal, tourists were immersed in the unique blend of Eastern and Western culture.

Macao’s 38 casinos host an impressive array of games, including Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Boule, Sic bo, Fan Tan, and Keno. This wide variety ensures that there’s something to cater to every gambler’s preference.

In addition to the vast gaming options, Macao’s uniqueness lies in its cultural heritage. Its architecture, food, and overall ambiance offer a glimpse of its history as a former Portuguese colony.

Macao is a must-place for gambling tourists seeking an unforgettable and vastly different experience.

Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

Marina Bay Sands stands out as a world-class gambling destination. However, what sets this leisure and entertainment destination in Asia apart is its steadfast commitment to responsible gambling.

More than providing an exhilarating gaming experience, Marina Bay Sands is a place that ensures the well-being of its patrons. Its management established the Responsible Gambling Programme to promote a responsible attitude towards the negative effect of gambling.

By offering assistance to those who seek help and also training their staff to guide patrons, Marina Bay Sands creates an environment where gambling is enjoyable and safe. This level of care provides a secure atmosphere where tourists can gamble without worry, making Marina Bay Sands an ideal choice for tourists seeking exciting and responsible gaming experiences.

The Empire’s Gamble London

Empire’s Gamble is a premier gambling destination that offers various gaming options. This stunning Vegas-style casino has visitors covered, whether they’re in for the fun of traditional table games or the thrilling lights and sounds of modern slot machines. In the heart of London, Empire’s Gamble is housed in a beautifully designed, luxurious setting. The casino’s central London location makes it accessible anywhere in the city. Non-residents visiting London will find this gambling destination fits easily into a sightseeing itinerary, with many major attractions nearby.

How Aussies Pay Taxes on Winnings Overseas

The number of Australians venturing into gambling escapades overseas has recently increased.  While the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) does not generally view winnings from gambling activities as taxable income, this may not be the case abroad. Read on to learn how winnings from gambling are taxed when you start rolling the dice abroad.

  • Las Vegas, United States. In the US, casinos must issue a tax form 1040-NR for non-residents and withhold a 30% tax on winnings above $1200. This is the case since Australia does not have a tax treaty with the US regarding winnings from gambling. Winnings of non-residents from countries that share a tax treaty with the US may not be subject to US taxes. For instance, Canadian citizens may reduce the amount of tax withheld by offsetting their losses against their winnings.
  • Monte Carlo, Monaco. The allure of gaming in the casinos of Monaco is further enhanced by the idea of retaining 100% of their winnings. Renowned as a tax haven, the Principality does not impose taxes on winnings from gambling, making it an attractive destination for gambling tourists worldwide.
  • Macao, China. While the Macao Special Administrative Region generates revenue from gambling operators, it does not tax residents and non-residents on any winnings from gambling. This policy makes Macao an attractive destination for foreigners. Visitors who wish to engage in gambling need not concern themselves with possible tax obligations on their winnings.
  • Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. According to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS), winnings from gambling are considered “windfalls” and not a form of income. Whether you hit the jackpot at a slot machine or win big on a lottery ticket, your winnings are not subject to income tax. You are not even required to declare these winnings on your income tax return, whether you are a resident of Singapore or a foreign national.
  • The Empire’s Gamble, London. The UK has relatively favourable gambling laws. Winnings from gambling are generally not considered taxable income, which means non-residents, including Australians, can enjoy their winnings in full. However, tax laws can change and be complex, so it’s advisable to consult with a tax professional to understand any potential tax implications.


So, What Would Be the Conclusion?

Gambling tourism offers Australians a unique opportunity to explore casino destinations. From the pulsating nights in Las Vegas to the luxury of Empire’s Gamble in London, many world-class gaming experiences await discovery.

However, as thrilling as these ventures can be, one must always approach them with caution and control, aware of the potential consequences.

Being well-informed about the tax implications associated with overseas winnings is also essential. Understanding these rules can prevent legal problems and ensure a positive gaming experience.

Looking forward, the growth of gambling tourism will likely change Australians’ global interactions and how the Australian government views overseas winnings in the future. It’s crucial to stay updated with any policy changes that might affect the tax treatment of gambling winnings in Australia.

Enjoy the thrill and the experience, but always gamble responsibly and stay informed. Happy gaming!