The Beauté 
of Success


Sheryle Pyatt is the much-loved (and very glamorous!) owner of the luxury Couture for Hair & Beauté salon at Marina Mirage. One of the Gold Coast’s hidden treasures, her salon is the secret to everlasting youthful looks for many locals, but in an industry so saturated with competition it isn’t always easy as the very business-savvy Sheryle makes it look. 


We caught up with her on one of her rare mornings off, to see if we could extract any of the secrets to her success:

So when did you start your business?

I set up The Ephraim Spa in July 2005 and loved every minute of it! However, I was offered the opportunity to take over the Couture Salon in 2014 and I was ready for a change, so I sold the Ephraim Spa and moved across to Marina Mirage – where we have been happy ever since.

What is it about your role that you like doing most, and why?

Honestly, it’s working closely with my staff and helping our clients feel great. We’ve got such a great team here, and I love seeing the growth of the business and the growth of the people I work with daily. It’s exciting to see the change and results that we work so hard to achieve in business, especially in trying economic times both locally and internationally.


Have you always worked in beauty and hair?

No – but it’s never been far from my heart. It was my first passion from the age of 15, so after my apprenticeship I worked as an Educator and then a Major Accounts Manager (or BDM as its known today). However I followed this with about 15 years in the motor industry! I worked predominantly with Mercedes Benz, which was an amazing time for me. I worked with some incredible people who had so much experience and knowledge from different industries and fields. I credit a lot of my business experience to these years, it was a very valuable time. And now 12 years on I have come back to my beloved industry. I feel immense pride in working in the hair and beauty industry, and quite often it deserves much more recognition than it actually receives.


How much has the industry changed since you first started?

It hasn’t really changed that much in many respects, as the clients still want to experience first class service and value for money; the stylists and therapists still have huge passion for what they do. But the biggest change is in products. We are seeing a huge trend towards people wanting a product that uses eco-friendly ingredients that actually works. For a long time you could only get one or the other! We’ve always had a strong focus on industry-specific products to ensure our clients receive the best along with premium advice, and today’s products are just spectacular. Our in-salon choice is the French company La Biosthetique. They offer amazing support to our business, they have premium products manufactured under strict European guide lines using ultra-high quality ingredients, the packaging looks amazing, they have great up to date training for employees…it’s a fantastic experience working with them and our clients really feel the benefit of having access to such a premium brand. They also cover hair, skin and makeup, which really complements what we offer.


The other major change is obviously technology – which I don’t think is just in our industry! This has become critical in telling the story about your business, and there’s still so much more to come from this area I believe.

What’s your top tip for effortless beauty this winter?

It’s the same secret recipe all year round: use good quality products in your routine at home to make your salon treatment really last. And if you feel like something isn’t working – just ask your stylist or beauty therapist! It’s their job to know the latest tricks, tips and products so make the most of their passion and expertise. Don’t wait another six weeks for your appointment to come round – pick up the phone and just ask them.

When you’re not being a business owner, what do you do to wind down or have fun?

I just love motor racing, especially Formula One! The V8’s are good too, its great fun to watch and I really respect the drivers – they have enormous skill, such passion and determination to do what they do. My father took me to country race meetings in the dirt when I was little and I’ve never forgotten how exciting it was. When I retire my bucket list will be really simple – I’d love to visit every Formula One race in the world! 


Well if you’re not trackside at the Formula One just yet, what can we see coming up in the next few months at Couture?

We book out very quickly for Melbourne Cup, and spring racing season is always busy for us, so we tell everyone to get in early for those. Aside from that we’re working on some wonderful bridal packages for spring and summer brides, so we’re looking forward to seeing those start happening soon.

Shop 142, Level 1, Marina Mirage, Main Beach

Phone: 07 5503 1000