Spotlight on NATALIE BASSINGTHWAIGHTE – Singer, Actress, Author 

WORDS: Caroline Russo Arts & Entertainment News PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied

Singer, actress and author Natalie Bassingthwaighte is a household name in Australia and Internationally.  Full of energy, Natalie is a powerhouse of creativity and is one of our most sought-after female artists, topping the charts as a recording artist and lead singer in the Rogue Traders band.  She’s appeared in hit TV shows Neighbours, Dancing with the Stars and The X Factor. Her talents are entrepreneurial as well as being a contented happy mum, married to Cameron McGlinchey who was the drummer in Rogue Traders. ORM is thrilled to train the spotlight on Natalie.

What school did you start at and who was your favourite teacher?

“Ballina Primary school in NSW and Mr Briggs was my favourite teacher as he encouraged me so much — I remember he had a really cool car, a Valiant. It was turquoise blue.”

How did you break into show business?

“My first major job was in ‘Rent’ and because it was my first show I did study lots! For the audition, there were six thousand who went for the role, and l understudied for roles as well. It was the biggest thing for my career.”

What gives you the energy and balance to stay in the business? 

“I took on meditation and Yin Yoga as it helps keep me balanced.  It took me a while to practice it, but it makes a difference for me.”

What are your likes and dislikes in the biz?

“My likes? First up is a good goodie bag as you get those a lot and I love to share them or give them away to my family.  Dislikes? The worst part is getting up super early for PR when I’ve had a late night of work!”

What other profession would you have liked?

“I love design, drawing and architecture. Back in high school, I did work experience as a primary school teacher and really loved that too.  At one stage l had a kids’ brand called Bamboo and enjoyed the creativity, but I like what I am doing now, as that was a lot of work back then. I look at designs and feel l am good at working them out.”

Who was your mentor? 

“Had many of them over the years but one was my manager who was with me for 16 years.  He was amazing to me and unfortunately he passed away, but is still influential for me.”

Dinner party of six that you would choose to have?  

“Oh wow let me think — one would have to be Oprah Winfrey, love her.

Julie Bishop, just met her recently, she is an interesting woman. Pink as an artist, she is amazing.  Glennon Doyle author, Turia Pitt for her courage and Helen Mirren. Just picked all women, and love to do that now!”

What is your favourite city in the world?

“New York is the place I have to say, as it is a special place to visit.”

Given three wishes, what would they be?

“Be able to surrender.

Embrace my sensitivity.

To continue to have empathy for the world around me.”