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As with all SKiP Inflatable boats the BW380 hull is built using the very best marine-grade aluminium, which offers many advantages over fibreglass hulled tenders, in weight, savings and durability.


With an aluminium hull there’s no need to worry about gel coat chips, or putting the boat on a beach or a trailer.



The weight savings are considerable with the BW380 bare boat only weighing 149kg, which translates into increased payloads, early planning and reduced fuel costs.


The inflatable collar is constructed using ORCA®828 (1100 dtex) hypalon fabric and is available in more than 30 colours and four surface finishings. ORCA®828 is used in military and commercial boats up to 6m in length and offers high resistance to UV, abrasion and extreme temperatures. ORCA®828 is seven times more expensive per square metre than PVC fabrics and is by far a superior product. BW380 is available in both a centre console and side console layout. Access to the battery and instrument wiring is via the console with plenty of storage available under the driver’s seat.



The outboard, Yamaha F40hp, gives this boat a true sports-type feel but without a hint of ‘flightiness’ or unpredictability, as you could imagine this is a very fast tender! Clocking top speeds over 50 km/hr with a cruising speed of 30 km/hr at 4000rpm.


If weight is a consideration the smaller Yamaha F25 is a great option and more then capable of planing with four adults onboard. However, Honda BF30 is also to be considered and would be my engine of choice.


This boat hull is extremely well balanced and when thrown into a full-lock turn has no signs of any side slip. When we did hit the big wake of a larger vessel, the hull landed softly on her rear third without flying her head in the process. The built-in fuel tank helps keep this boat’s COG well-planted and balanced, while its capacity gives the boat a healthy cruising range of approximately 200km for long-range expeditions.