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I sat down with Marcos at our local surf-spot; Currumbin Alley, a southern Gold Coast point break. Storm clouds were building in the hills to the west creating a dark backdrop to the turquoise blue ocean. There was a nice little swell running along the bank producing a clean two to three-foot wave gently groomed by a south-westerly offshore breeze on a runout tide.   We began chatting about all things surfing whilst the surfers were enjoying the conditions.

Marcos Freitas was born and raised in Florianopolis, Brazil, a city/island known for it’s healthy, active and natural living. At a young age, he found his greatest love in sport – surfing. His life was spent outdoors exploring the surrounding island, lands and oceans and would travel across various terrains in search of the best local breaks with his mates. Marcos’s parents would also take him to a local University of Physical Education where he learnt and participated in various sporting practices such as swimming, power yoga, capoeira, jiu-jitsu, judo and soccer until his teenage years. In his late teens, Marcos went into military training where he trained cross fit in both natural and urban settings, day and night for years. He loved it all and was inspired by his coaches. One day he decided he would do the same. By combining his passions like a chef does with his finest ingredients, so has Marcos. The results most definitely speak for themselves, and a recipe for success was formed with Salt Performance Training.

Having just completed a training session with a client moments before I arrived, but not a surf specific session as I would have presumed. Marcos had explained although the client was indeed a surfer; she was in fact a professional bull-rider seeking help for her mental game relating to her competitive career. As he continued to explain, I began to realise the depth of his work. The application of his training methods were certainly not limited to the water, rather as a whole understanding of movement, strength and mental performance, and how they relate, interact and complement one another to enable progression and build open a solid foundation.

With a fluid ability to relate to his clients, he is able to pinpoint a certain aspect of their performance that may be causing a blockage and preventing improvement.

His understanding of the connection between:

Physical – (strength, power and endurance),

Technique – (movement of the body),

Mental – (mindset and awareness).

All start to emerge as they are all very closely connected and need to have a seamless natural transition and relation to one another, in order to flow and achieve a higher state of performance.

Marcos is acutely aware of this connection and strives to understand his clients personal situations and their perspectives.

In terms of performance surfing Marcos has coached and continues to work with world-class athletes and surfers, providing them with a strong mental game and physical techniques to break down barriers to compliment their obvious surfing ability.

Prior to meeting with Marcos, I had a notion of what I considered a “surf coach” to be. I was refreshingly surprised, as I began to grasp the level of detail, professionalism deployed in his work.

Marcos showed me some footage of a pro-surfer that was surfing an incredible right-hand point break and explaining to me the positioning of his hands, head and feet through – out a certain move – a deep drawn-out cut-back. It was a beautiful sight to see but the following is where it got really interesting for me…

He was studying this “movement” in order to replicate it on land, to incorporate with his performance techniques. I was blown away by this but it got even better, as he explained to me it was not actually a right-hand point break with a natural stance surfer! Marcos had flipped the footage around, and in fact was a goofy foot surfer on a left-hand wave.  As he continued to explain that he needed to flip it so he could relate to the stance – being a natural footed surfer himself. Then allowing him to replicate the movements on land, in turn being able to reverse the movements and learn them as goofy!! Thus enabling his training to be regular and goofy focused. “What that’s genius!!” I replied.

If you struggle with the example of the above explanation, try think of it as the study of perfect surfing technique replicated on land.

By following these refined technical movements through-out a repetition process, and committing these to muscle memory, creates the fundamentals of surfing technique and movement, unlocking the door to progression and exposing bad – habits that hold you back.

His passion for fresh air and open spaces, the training is predominantly outdoors in a friendly, down to earth manner. With a dedication to his clients health and happiness, both physically and mentally through exceptional training and positive personal relationships.

Whilst mixing up Salts performance training in varied locations between Coolangatta – Currumbin, you can be assured not to miss out due to travel, with the added benefit of different natural terrain that is utilized in a session.

Salt provides many specific daily / weekly training sessions below to suit your requirements:



An entirely new training and coaching method designed specifically for all types of surfers and boardriders. Working on multiple parts of the body and mind, combining the best of functional movement, body weight, strength and conditioning training principles all in one. Our sessions will improve your mobility, agility, strength, coordination, endurance, flexibility and core stability to build a strong foundation and get full-body results. We train in a way you never have before – assisting you to reach your mental and physical potential.


A functional training session using body weight and primal movements along with tools such as resistance bands, kettlebells, ropes, med balls, swiss balls and more. Designed to improve your mobility, agility, strength, flexibility and core stability to build a strong foundation and get full-body results. Salt Functional is a safe but strong workout that helps build your muscles in a way that protects your joints and gives your body longevity. It encourages a strong, lean and toned body, helping you find better health physically and mentally. All fitness levels welcome.


End of week session to help stretch and release tightness in the body while also helping calm and reset the mind after a big week. Prepping you for the weekend ahead so you’re on top of your game no matter what’s on. A combination of body movement, strength and conditioning, core exercises, stretching, breathwork and meditation. In these sessions, we work with body weight, elastic bands, foam rollers, yoga blocks and balls. This is the perfect class to zen out and align your breathing with your movement to create further length and flexibility.


A dynamic yoga session designed for all types of surfers and boardriders to strengthen and release high stressed areas, build and increase core strength, increase balance, flexibility and energy levels, improve lung capacity and help improve old injuries. Salt Yoga increases awareness of the body and muscles, resulting in more effective body movement and better technique and control. All fitness levels welcomed, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been dominating the line up for years, you’ll benefit from this form of training.


Using the same principles as our Salt Surf Fit sessions but slightly altered to be fun and engaging for the kids. Our sessions aim to build a strong and positive lifelong attitude to movement and sport, created for all levels of ability and fitness. We train in a way they never have before – assisting them to reach their mental and physical potential, working on multiple parts of the body and mind. Our Grom sessions improve mobility, agility, strength, coordination, endurance, flexibility and core stability to build a strong foundation and get full-body results.



Using the same principles as our Salt Surf Fit sessions but designed specifically for the youngest of kids. These sessions are created to target primary movements – assisting them to reach their mental and physical potential, working on multiple parts of the body and mind. Our Micro Grom sessions improve mobility, agility, strength, coordination, flexibility and core stability to build a strong foundation and get full-body results. No matter what they’re riding, we want to help them have more fun riding it! For all levels of ability and fitness.

Do you want to improve your surfing, or perhaps never surfed before?… Want to learn the basics even before entering the water?…. Or maybe you just don’t have enough time to surf due to lifestyle or conditions and want to keep surf fit?…. Well, all these in my opinion are the right questions and thought process to begin your journey with Salt Performance Training. To better health, strength, lifestyle and surfing prowess.

Marcos is a true innovator to his craft, and unique in his approach. I believe I’ve only scratched the surface on the scope of what Marcos and Salt Performance Training truly has to offer clients in all aspects of surfing and wellbeing.. Be sure to hit them up.

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See you out there!!