Must-see waterfalls at Binna Burra Lodge this Spring

WORDS: Leighton Pitcher PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied - Binna Burra Lodge

Spring is a particularly lovely time of year at Binna Burra Lodge. The rainforest canopy over Lamington National Park is illuminated by the warm sun, the wildflowers are in full bloom and the skies are fresh and bright.

The Gondwana Rainforests, the largest subtropical rainforest in the world, and Woonoongoora (Lamington) are best explored in Spring, without a doubt.

The Coomera Falls Circuit – one of Lamington National Park’s most popular trails and one of the best day hikes in Australia according to Australian Geographic – is home to a beautiful array of waterfalls. Use this list to locate the best waterfalls along this breathtaking route.

Coomera Falls Circuit

Coomera Falls, one of Lamington National Park’s most impressive waterfalls, plunges 64m into Coomera Gorge. It’s best accessed from Binna Burra, as a 10km return walk or as part of the longer 17.5km walk. A viewing platform positioned 160m above the gorge offers the perfect vantage point over the top of Coomera Falls.

Binna Burra Lodge

Kagoonya Falls

Coomera Circuit’s Kagoonya Falls is another beautiful and scenic waterfall that cascades into a deep water hole. These falls are easily accessed via a short side track off the Coomera circuit. In a deep pool surrounded by rainforest greenery, you can see the Coomera River cascading over dark-colored boulders.

Bahnamboola Falls

Along the Coomera Circuit, one of the more impressive and picturesque waterfalls is the Bahnamboola Falls. The Coomera River cascades into a deep pool surrounded by sheer cliffs, despite its modest height.

Neerigomindalala Falls

One of the last waterfalls on the 17.5km Coomera Circuit route before it connects with the Border Track for the trek back up to Binna Burra Road is Neerigomindalala Falls. It is reached just before Dragoon Bird Creek runs into the Coomera River. The waterfall’s divided segments flow past ferns and other rainforest flora as they tumble over boulders.

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