Odyssey Redefines Connection And Lifestyle By Bridging Generations


In an age where connections between different generations seem to be fading, one lifestyle care community has wholeheartedly embraced the power of intergenerational programmes to nurture care, foster friendships and cultivate a vibrant lifestyle.

Odyssey Lifestyle Care Communities has opened the doors to a world where age knows no boundaries.

Through collaborations with early learning providers and local high schools, the progressive operator has transformed the lives of its residents as well as students from Robina State High School and children from Little Scholars Burleigh.

Intergenerational programmes have become increasingly recognised for having profoundly positive impacts on both seniors and young individuals. By bridging the gap between generations, these programmes promote empathy, understanding and connections, all while enriching the lives of participants on either end of the age spectrum.

Odyssey CEO and founder Phil Usher says seeing the incredible transformations within their own community is a testament to the power of intergenerational connections.

“Through programmes such as these, we have seen increased levels of happiness, reduced feelings of isolation, improved well-being and a better understanding of the young among our residents,” says Mr Usher.

“Our community loves finding occasions to see the different generations come together and share common experiences, and we believe in the power of connection as it can enhance the lifestyle of our residents.

“Our residents love visits from our intergenerational partners and it’s truly heart-warming to see them come together, share special moments and enable opportunities to bring out the youth-like joy in all of us.”

Mr Usher says the community’s collaboration with early learning providers such as Little Scholars Burleigh has been truly transformative.

“It’s through these interactions with children that our residents rediscover their own inner child and relish the innocent curiosity and boundless energy of the youth,” says Mr Usher.

“Our residents enjoy being a part of the fun, and the children gain valuable life lessons and learn to appreciate the wisdom, stories and life experiences of their senior friends.”

From storytelling and sing-alongs to collaborative art and crafts sessions, these interactions enable children aged four years old to actively engage with the senior residents while creating a nurturing and stimulating environment.

Odyssey resident Marianne Gevers says taking part in the community’s intergenerational programmes has brought immense joy to her life.

“Interacting with these young children keeps us young at heart and I just love listening to their laughter and enthusiasm,” says Ms Gevers.

“There is always a sense of excitement when children from Little Scholars visit, and their visits remind us of the beauty of the simplicity of the youngsters.”

In addition to the early learning intergenerational programme, Odyssey has also established a partnership with Robina State High School, which encompasses students from years 7 to 12 visiting the community once a fortnight.

The activities range from sharing stories and hobbies with a focus on creating an environment where seniors and teenagers come together to gain insights from each other’s perspectives.

Odyssey resident John Raju says interacting with teenagers has been a remarkable and enlightening experience.

“I love hearing about the fresh perspectives that teach us what it’s like for the young teens,” says Mr Raju.

“It’s also wonderful to be able to share my life experiences and offer guidance, it’s a rewarding exchange that makes me feel like part of the community in a meaningful way.

“The teenagers challenge my preconceived notions and open us up to the world of technology and it’s a two-way street where we learn from one another.”

Mr Usher says the success of these intergenerational programmes has inspired Odyssey to expand their initiatives further.

“We are exploring additional partnerships with local schools, early childhood learning providers and community organisations to expand our intergenerational programmes,” says Mr Usher.

“Our goal is to maintain a community where age is celebrated, connections are cherished, and lives are enriched through meaningful interactions.”

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