Mr Sahba Abedian is Managing Director of Sunland Group


Mr Sahba Abedian is Managing Director of Sunland Group


Limited, a leading national property development group


founded on the Gold Coast in 1983 and listed on ASX for the past 20





Sahba joined Sunland in 1998 as the Group’s Legal Counsel and


Company Secretary. In 2000, Sahba was appointed Chief Executive


Officer of Sunland’s Victorian operations.


In 2002 Sahba was appointed Joint Managing Director alongside


the Group’s founder, Soheil Abedian. In 2006, Sahba assumed


the title of Managing Director. In this role, Sahba has advanced


Sunland’s vision to contribute to Australia’s urban landscape through


an enduring philosophy that recognises the role of architectural


excellence and leading urban design in the creation of vibrant


communities. Every Sunland home is designed and crafted to create


a synergy between the built and natural environments and this focus


extends to the broader community.



What is Sunland’s vision for the Gold Coast’s built environment


and how will Sunland be involved? We are committed to pursuing


a path whereby we are continually exploring how greater degrees


of vibrancy can be manifested in the creation of our communities.


This vibrancy reflects itself in the integration of the built form with


natural landscape settings and is further reinforced through the


interconnectedness of the residents who choose to make these


spaces their home. Another dimension that contributes significantly


to the enhancement of the urban fabric of a community is the use


and promotion of the arts.


Understanding the value and contribution of the arts to


community well-being has long been a driving principle of how we


approach integrated design at Sunland.


We must take into consideration the influence of arts in shaping


environments to become a healthy and vibrant whole. A city


that infuses itself in art and culture is a city that readily embraces


innovation, creativity and new ideas.


What projects does Sunland have currently on the Gold Coast and are


there any others in the planning? Sunland has a substantial portfolio


of urban land estates, residential housing and multi-storey projects


on the Gold Coast. Our luxury housing portfolio includes Meliah and


Parkway in Sanctuary Cove and Magnoli Residences in Palm Beach.


Earlier this year we also launched our new waterfront community in


Hope Island, Ancora. Other major projects on the Gold Coast include


the visionary 42 hectare master planned community The Lakes in


Mermaid Waters.


The Heights, in Pimpama which is launching in early 2016.


Earlier this year we submitted a development application with Gold


Coast City Council for our proposed redevelopment of Mariner’s


Cove, unveiling plans for a world class residential and cultural


precinct with an estimated end value of $600 million. The proposal


includes the city’s first privately-owned cultural precinct dedicated


to the arts through an art gallery, museum and outdoor sculptural




Further Sunland multi-storey projects on the Gold Coast include


proposed new developments at One Marine Parade in Labrador,


Nineteenth Avenue in Palm Beach and the Marina Village at Royal




Sunland is well known for its strong creative architectural approach


to its developments. Where does this come from?


Sunland was founded on the Gold Coast in 1983 with the creation


of a single luxury home. From these small beginnings, Sunland’s


visionary design philosophy has led to the creation of iconic


landmarks across the Gold Coast, from the world’s first fashion


branded luxury hotel, Palazzo Versace on the Broadwater, to the


world’s tallest residential tower, Q1. The same pioneering spirit


continues to guide the company today.


Sunland’s unique achievements in creating


architecture as art are markers of our ongoing evolution in our


pursuit of excellence and beauty.


Do you have a personal favourite of the projects that Sunland has


completed? Every project contributes to the advancement of the


one that follows. They are like chapters in a book, it is difficult to


favour one over the other as they are all part of the one unfolding




What do you like to do in your down time? Findings ways in which


one can be of service to the community is of great importance and


plays a pivotal role, both within Sunland and my personal time. The


advancement of education, and the empowerment of individuals


and communities, provides the requisite framework and motivation


in all my spheres of endeavour, as a father, a husband, a colleague


and a member of the community.



Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?


Although it is difficult at times to determine with any accuracy


where one will be in the years ahead, it is hoped that one could


continue to build on the foundations that have been laid and walk


a path of service towards the advancement of our community,


contributing to the material, intellectual and human values that


comprise the fabric of individual and collective life.