Model of the Month: Paulo Borges @bypauloborges

WORDS: Mandy St George - Saint Model Management PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied

1. What is your current favourite band or musician? 

Favourite artist at the moment is Tom Misch, an English singer that brings up a mix of low-slung hip hop beats, disco and noodling jazz.

2. Are you listening to any Podcast if so, what do you listen too? 

I have listened a few times to Joe Rogan’s podcast


3. Do you like to read or have a favourite genre of books? 

Not so much of a book reader, but love an audio-book that talks about human body functioning or the power of manifestation

4. Your Brazilian, What is an important value in your culture that you live by daily?

Family tends to be very tight, warm and loving, which maintain a very strong connection. So being surrounded by the loved ones somehow is the most important element of my daily basis.


5. What do you miss about your home town? 

The simplicity of all the people that only cares about making the most of their lifetime


6. What do you love about living in the Northern Rivers? 

The relaxed lifestyle surrounded by the beautiful nature

7. If you were stuck on an Island what would be your 2 items, you could not live without? 

Water and a surfboard haha


8. What has the modelling industry taught you? 

To be patient, confident and learn how to cope with rejections. In this industry, we are rejected more times than we actually get accepted so understanding these rules will help you a lot

9. What do you love about Australia? 

I love so many things about this country, such as the quality of life, the people, the unrivalled natural beauty, the opportunities for a better lifestyle in general, the waves haha and it also reminds me so much of Brazil.


10. What do you like about modelling? 

The mixture of creativity, art, challenges and self-expression that keeps pushing you to be better every time. Also, the friendships and connections you make along the way.