Model of the Month – Gem Stewart @gemmadstewart

WORDS: Saint Model Management PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied

1. How long you been modelling for, and how long have you been with  Saint Models?

I began my modelling career  in Sydney and have been working in the modelling industry for 9 wonderful years. I am signed with Chadwick Models Australia and signed with Saint Models in October this year after making the journey from West Aus to Gold Coast. 


2. Where are you from and your background?

I was born in Melbourne and have lived in Perth and Auckland over the years given my family resides in both Australia and New Zealand. My heritage is Māori, Welsh and Swedish. 


3. Favourite thing about your home city?

West Aus is hands down a great place to live. Favourite thing would have to be watching sunsets disappear over the ocean, any time of season it’s a winner. 

4. What your favourite go-to exercises for working out?
I like to have a variation in how I exercise so I do a combination of HIT, swimming and spinning. 
5. Favourite go-to healthy meal?

Anything that’s made with love and looks like a rainbow. My boyfriend dishes up a wonderful steak/spinach/beetroot/walnut Caesar salad which is a weekly favourite.

6. Healthy morning ritual that you follow to start your day on a positive note?
Since my move to the east coast I’ve adopted early morning meditation followed by a quick dip in the ocean. I come home feeling refreshed and grateful. 

7. What do you love about modelling?

I love travelling, sales, art and photography; as a model I get to be immersed in a creative, dynamic world. Another attraction that I get to connect and converse with other creatives and with that comes experience and personal growth. It’s the perfect career for me and lots of fun.

8. Tips for any upcoming models?


I believe that in the modeling industry the key to anyone maintaining a healthy self-image is being content and comfortable with who you are and have strong values, something I’ve held onto while modelling is what photographer Adam Bryce said to me on my first shoot in Sydney, “everyone that’s in this industry is beautiful in their own way.”

9. What your dream goal to be as a model?

I believe that in this industry, when one door closes another door opens that’s meant for you and just as wonderful. In that instance I want to take as many opportunities in the modelling community and work my way around the world.