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Are you considering separating? Or, have you already separated and now need advice on divorce, property settlement or child custody? Hickey Lawyers’ thriving Family Law Division are the experts who can help.

There is a common perception that lawyers like to merrily line their pockets by keeping matters stuck in the legal system for as long as possible.

That’s certainly not the case at Hickey Lawyers, which has been providing exceptional legal advice to Gold Coasters for 29 years. Here, there is a wealth of experience and enthusiasm all under one roof.

“Our team is ever mindful of the great reputation of Hickey Lawyers and honour that legacy by being client-focused every step of the way,” Jill Wolff, Special Counsel, Family Law Division tells ORM.

Crucially, part of being client-focused includes being resolution-focused Wolff explains.

“We pride ourselves on being approachable and explaining legal matters in a way that’s understandable and digestible to all our clients. We want to get people through the system, not get them stuck in it. We want our clients to feel that, from the first time they come in to see us, we’re thinking about solutions. We use all appropriate avenues to resolve your matter in the most time and cost-effective way. We take time to listen to our clients and work together to achieve the best possible outcome by identifying the most appropriate pathway towards resolution very early on.”

What types of Family Law can Hickey Lawyers assist with?

“We have a particular interest in complex family law property settlements which involve corporate and/or trust entities and structures and as such we often assist high net worth individuals navigate their family law disputes,” says Wolff. She continues to stress that such complex settlements can greatly benefit from having all of the combined legal minds of Hickey Lawyers under one roof, meaning you don’t have to engage multiple providers.

Family Law has come a long way in recent years and intense efforts are made to keep matters out of court.

“Yes, that’s been a big shift and a game-changer in Family Law, especially since the courts were combined in September 2021,” Wolff says.

“Now, people must show they’ve taken genuine steps to resolve matters before seeking the Court’s assistance. With parenting matters, there’s an actual certificate for mediation which must be provided. And with property, clients must now provide the court with a signed mandate stating that they’ve tried to resolve the issues.”

In today’s Family Law world, the options of mediation or arbitration are highly encouraged.

“If someone comes in and says they’re still on good terms with their ex – maybe they’ve discussed a rough idea of how they can split up their assets – I would look at giving them some tools to have a productive discussion and then come back to me to formalise things. I’m not going to get into a fight if there is no fight!”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Family Law has exploded since the beginning of the COVID pandemic.

“I started here at Hickey Lawyers two years ago; we now have five in our Family Law Division.” Alongside Wolff, there are two other family lawyers and two trainee solicitors available. All have been hand-picked because they’re resolution driven.

“Lots of people who have never practised family law before are now giving it a go, but it really is a unique area of law best practised by those who are experienced. For instance, I always start by asking my clients how the breakup happened, some of the questions might seem personal, but I need to get into the psychology of the split. It’s like a game of chess – and I’ve been playing chess since I was three!”

So, if you’re looking for a truly dependable partner, who is always on hand to provide experienced and trusted advice when it matters, you’ve found the right spot!

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