Mayor’s Message

WORDS: Mayor Tom Tate PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied

The Gold Coast is diversifying in the right direction.

AS our city navigates its way out of the ravages of Covid-19, we are seeing the green shoots of economic recovery starting to emerge.

Our real estate market remains buoyant despite consecutive interest rate rises, tourism is on the rebound with more international routes coming online and our manufacturing and health and knowledge industries are recording strong growth.

Over the past decade as mayor, I have worked to broaden the economy as it was obvious that we could never rely solely on tourism and construction. Today, we are a much more resilient city with growth in the marine sector, sports development, medical research and filmmaking – to name a few.

The film industry offers incredible scope for growth. Recent meetings I have held with some of the largest film production companies in the world give me great confidence that we are heading in the right direction. Global investors have made it clear that they are viewing our city as the ‘Hollywood of the South Pacific’.

Their confidence is underscored by our capacity to offer exceptional natural landscapes, built-form infrastructure, world-class sound studios and appealing weather. They also comment on the city’s laidback lifestyle, which allows actors, directors, cast and crew to enjoy their time Down Under without the paparazzi-style pressure that exists in Hollywood.

Credit must go to Screen Queensland and its team for keeping our name up in lights as the world repositions itself post Covid. To me, the future is about jobs – and protecting our lifestyle. The film industry fits both of those bills perfectly.

As a city, we have taken on the global economic challenge from a position of strength while continuing to deliver the essential services that our residents rightly expect. Taking a value-for-money approach has meant our frontline services remain the No.1 priority.

Looking ahead, our focus continues to be on delivering improved community infrastructure while allocating record investment in roads and transport and enhancing community safety. Maintaining and growing our green spaces and continuing to plant more trees will protect the lifestyle we all love.

I assure all Gold Coasters the city’s councillors and administration will continue to work hard to keep rates at, or below, CPI. Residents can have confidence we will deliver the services the community needs at a price we can afford.

Tom Tate