Magical Women!

WORDS: Andy Robinson PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied

Magic Group in Business (MGIB) introduces MGIB Women.

MGIB Women will create a series of networking events to help bring together Women in Football & Business.  The 2023 launch of MGIB Women coincides with Australia and New Zealand co-hosting the Women’s 2023 FIFA World Cup. The word at the moment around the Matildas is that if girls can see it, they can become it — think Sam Kerr. This thought also applies to business.  We would like the girls coming through Magic to have the opportunity to see Women in Business and promote what they do.  We have some exciting events coming up in 2023 and we can’t wait to tell you more.  We have also created a MGIB Women logo which will be proudly worn on our girls’ and women’s playing shirts in 2023.

To quickly explain and summarise MGIB, and now MGIB Women: we offer a unique platform to generate new business opportunities whilst networking with like-minded people.

During 2022 we have had several Match Day Series events with a guest speaker at football games and we have also moved towards social events creating more memorable occasions.

Social Events in Numbers

During the last 12 months in numbers we have had:

  • 2022 Business Breakfast with Scott McDonald – 60 Guests
  • 2022 YOT Club – 170 Guests
  • 2022 Race Day Gold Coast Turf Club – 100 Guests
  • 2022 Golf Day – 124 players
  • 2022 Christmas Party Mecca Bah – 50 Guests

MGIB and MGIB Women is designed to formally connect our business community, cultivate relationships and facilitate real leads and opportunities.

MGIB and MGIB Women aim to provide philanthropic support to assist with facilities development and support those who need assistance with their registration fees.

Members of our Business Group are given the opportunity to become presenting partners of our social events and to give presentations at our match day series. We facilitate and lead meetings and we personally introduce members to others. Our social events allow our members to softly network. If you would like to hear more about getting involved with the MGIB or MGIB Women now or in the future, please contact Andrew Robinson to discuss.

If you would like to be a Guest Speaker for the MGIB Women Series or would like to get involved please contact Andrew Robinson [email protected]