Legal Icon’s 30-Year Milestone

WORDS: Jason Oxenbridge PHOTOGRAPHY Brian Usher -

It’s not often that law firms are revered in business boardrooms as iconic brands, but one legal heavy hitter is still doing that after more than three decades at the top.

Hickey Lawyers will this year celebrate 30 years of providing expert legal advice across sectors including property, tourism, town planning, litigation and family law.

Founded in 1993 by Tony Hickey, the business has established a reputation as one of the city’s pre-eminent commercial law firms, boasting 70 staff, which includes 26 lawyers.

The milestone is not lost on equity partners Mark Lacy, Joe Welch, Simon Chan and Dan Marino who have continued the indelible legacy of founder Tony Hickey who retired from the firm in 2016.

Managing Partner, Mark Lacy, says there’s a shared responsibility to ensure the business is rock solid for the next 30 years and beyond.

“The culture of the firm is something that we are very proud of, and a lot of our staff have been here more than 20 years,” he says proudly.

“The partners appreciate the culture established by Tony and the legacy that has been passed on. We see that as a great privilege, and we work to make sure our people are well-led and mentored.

“Strong leadership is important, and we don’t pigeonhole our staff. They gain real experience and are often working with us on anything from litigation cases to sophisticated property deals. While the atmosphere is very collegial around the firm, there’s a shared understanding that we just get in and do the work.”

While its foundations are cemented by the loyalty and dedication of its people, the firm’s success has been forged by building long-term relationships with clients, some of whom have worked with the firm since its inception.

The partners place high value on the relationships they build with their clients and other key consultants.

Having rolled with the punches through the GFC and experienced the peaks and troughs of multiple property cycles, the partners are optimistic that the business – and the industries it supports – will continue to prosper.

“There’s always uncertainty in any professional services firm. It’s difficult to predict what might happen in the next decade, but we know that our clients will remain active in the property space,” Mark says.

The firm also continues to expand its family law and commercial litigation areas and is always looking to recruit good people with the relevant skills.