Layne Beachley talks on workplace culture & mental health

WORDS: Cidonie Richards PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied


Leading Sydney-based prestige real estate firm, Highland, is taking proactive measures to address the impact of current market challenges on the mental well-being of its agents.

In a bid to prioritise the mental health and well-being of its team, Highland have implemented innovative mental health initiatives – the first being a mindset masterclass with world-renown surf champion, Layne Beachley, at their annual Blue Crew event.

CEO of Highland, David Highland, says the overarching DNA and success of the business is built around providing agents with a positive workplace culture to help navigate demanding situations and encounter various stressors.

“There is a lot of talk at the moment on the challenges imposed on buyers in the real estate market, but there has been limited attention given to the mental toll experienced by the agents,” says David Highland.

“With the current stresses facing the property industry, I believe that as a business it is imperative to engage in positive workplace practices and culture.

“It is crucial for us to prioritise mental health and well-being, not just for our clients but also for the team so it transpires into their work and personal life,” he says.

Mr Highland engaged Layne Beachley to deliver a motivation, inspiration, and resilience mindset masterclass to help the team manage work life balance in high pressured environments.

As the only surfer – male or female – to claim six consecutive world titles Layne knows first-hand what it is like to be confronted with burn out and what it takes to make a successful come-back in a tough profession.

“To learn how to bring the best out in others, means you need to bring the best out of yourself, and this is especially vital for professions like real estate when staff are under high-pressure situations daily,” said Mrs Beachley.

“The cost of burn out in high-pressured workplaces and the whole winner-takes-all mentality can take a very heavy toll both physically and mentally on people. It cannot become the norm going forward and more needs to be done to address these honest conversations.

“You have the capacity to boost your resilience and bounce back from setbacks, as long as you don’t let them define you and remember, you can’t control the waves, but you can learn to surf,” she said.

As Highland Property continues to lead the way in the prestige real estate market, the company remains committed to fostering a supportive and mentally healthy environment for its agents.

By investing in innovative mental health initiatives, they are setting a positive example for the industry and reinforcing their dedication to the well-being of their team.