Kalti – the warrior’s own recipe



An eating ethos developed by the Casuarina Rec Club to have us all feeling and looking as best we can. Join Kalti as he shares his advice to having your body battle-ready every day of the week.



If you think about it, a true warrior probably lacks the quality food needed to maintain the level of health required for battle.


However, the modern day warrior needs to be very serious about food.


For instance, every mother is a real warrior … so she needs to eat appropriate foods to maintain her energy levels.


Kalti’s own recipes are designed to inspire you to look outside the box, eat what’s at hand and most of all vary what you eat with seasonal fresh food.


Once you eat the Kalti way, you will look and feel more energetic and alive.


I suggest experimenting with different herbs and spices. For instance, just a pinch of fennel seed is delicious with nuts or fruit. I found a delicious  


Banana, cocoa, coconut, mixed nuts and yoghurt, is great mixed with some nuts and honey but my nutritionist doesn’t suggest oats or honey. I simply say: “not too much”.


Chia seeds, gogi berries, blue berries and mix in some LSA or linseeds. Wow, bang, what a hit!


Water is key – a big glass with a lemon squeeze, a pinch of cinnamon. I really like a green juice with every breakfast – spinach, ginger, kale with lemon … delicious.


Habitually, eating one food type for breakfast is not good and that includes too much fruit. But once a week, at least, smash down a fruit salad. Seasonal fruits with yoghurt, a drizzle of honey and to make it interesting, a nut crumble mixed through. 


Protein helps the daily warrior to maintain energy throughout the day. I see protein foods as a very important element in the weekly diet of the working warrior. A warrior mum for example needs essential protein and fatty acids to function.


Depression and anxiety can be a sign of protein deficiency, so let’s try fish at least once a week … but keep it simple because it’s breakfast. I like salmon seared with lemon, lime and orange. I suck the slices of lemon, lime and orange while I eat the fish, put the fish on to a bed of greens, sprouts, salad, and some chopped garlic. When I have this meal I eat a big chunk of fish, just one nice piece is plenty – you don’t need to be full. And remember it’s ALL about the fish – don’t fill yourself with other things.




Break Out


We Love Local


One thing’s for sure: locally sourced produce is almost always the best choice. I have found a great little fruit shop on Currumbin Creek Rd where the motto “fresh is best” means produce comes straight off local farms. Ripe, on Currumbin Creek Road, sources produce locally wherever possible … and the leafy greens are hand-picked from a family-owned local farm.


Nutritionist Jason Alderoy – who sits on the brains trust behind Kalti – has developed a great breakfast called Power Start …and it’s on the shelf at Flannery’s Supermarkets. It’s a nutritionally balanced breakfast – a premium product with a fabulous list of ingredients. I know Jason personally and he has spent many years developing this tasty, nutrient-filled packet that is best mixed with fresh produce.


Jason says that breakfast should be primarily for function, not for fun – in this instance food is not entertainment. He suggests being in touch with the needs of the body and eating what the body is asking for, whilst remaining aware of chronic cravings (ones that remain consistent, such as sugar).

“You are under intense pressure and stress so the body’s coping mechanisms need to be supported – good protein and good fats are the most important … and the enemy is too much sugar,” he says.

“Your body needs to be alkalized with greens, berries and water to compensate for the stress the body is under – stress increases acidity, alkalizing neutralizes acidity.

“Breakfast needs to be most often protein-rich to balance energy for the day – meats, salads, eggs and vegies, fruit and nuts.”

Great advice.


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The Kalti Story


– Kalti is an indigenous strength and conditioning trainer operating the Casuarina Rec Club. 


– Kalti has doubled for The Rock.


– Kalti is legendary for his amazing strength.



Kalti attributes his health to a good diet.

No alcohol 

No sugar.

No caffeine 

No drugs.


Plenty of greens and pure proteins.


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