Husk Coconut Is The Taste Of Summer – Husk Distillery’s Best-Selling Coconut Rum Is Set To Be The Drink Of Choice This Season

WORDS: Ocean Road Magazine PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied

With summer well and truly upon us, our thoughts turn to long beachy days of sunshine and warm heady nights, but what will be the memorable taste this summer? According to the good folks at Husk, Australia’s first fresh cane juice rum distillery, the answer is undeniably Husk Coconut.

Husk Farm Distillery is located on the banks of the Tweed River, in the heart of the Caldera Coast at Tumbulgum and started with a vision to create local rum, from farm to bottle, which reflects the land and lifestyle of the region.

Husk Coconut is distilled from 100% fresh cane juice grown at Husk Farm. It’s then reduced and infused with whole coconut flesh for three months to create an all-natural coconutty fusion of summer flavour, ready to transport your tastebuds to our subtropical beaches.

Founding family member Harriet Messenger says, “Coconut has been our best-selling retail rum since it launched in July, often even outselling Ink Gin, which is pretty amazing! Coconut is our drink of the month at Husk Farm Distillery this summer, and Coconut Daiquiri is the headline act. Other popular serves are Coconut, Lime and Soda and it also mixes well with pineapple. But many people are starting to look at Coconut as an ice-cold shot, served straight from the freezer…”

Husk Coconut Daiquiri Recipe

60ml Husk Coconut

30ml fresh lime juice

15ml simple syrup

To make the simple syrup, half fill a small jar with caster sugar. Fill the other half with room temperature water and shake until all the sugar is dissolved.

To make the coconut daiquiri, to a cocktail shaker (or large jar) add Husk Coconut, fresh lime juice and syrup. Half fill with ice and shake hard until well chilled. Strain into a glass and enjoy.

Optional: rim your glass with a mixture of four parts desiccated coconut and one part sugar before serving. Do this by running a lime segment around the rim of the glass and dipping it into the coconut mixture.

Visit: Husk Farm Distillery

1152 Dulguigan Road, Tumbulgum NSW 2490

PH (02) 6675 9149