How One Lil’ Blak Dress Is Making A Difference

WORDS: Ocean Road Magazine PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied

Local business Lil’ Blak Dress is inspiring women, one event at a time

You can almost guarantee that if you’re attending a fashion event on the Gold Coast, Melissa Gelonese is on the catwalk modelling. What many don’t know about Melissa is her unique and versatile career background, and her current project.

Melissa, a former Sydney primary school teacher, with a keen interest in psychology and “questioning the narrative” across the board, was a professional dancer/choreographer, and is now a show producer and owner of business Entourage Entertainment.

Melissa lived and performed in Las Vegas for a year, with her now husband – singer Vince Gelonese who had a number one hit song on the USA Billboard charts in 2013.

After a car accident almost took her life in her early 20’s, Melissa’s life changed in many ways. She believes the process of recovery from something so dramatic at such a young age has deepened her perspective on many aspects. She eventually left school teaching to pursue a more creative path.

After attending the inaugural event for her new concept “Lil’ Blak Dress”, it was not hard to identify through her raw, heart-felt speech, this new initiative goes very deep for Melissa, who states that this had been calling her a long time.

After losing her mum in June of last year, Melissa decided that life was too short, and “Lil’ Blak Dress” must come to fruition.

Melissa stated in her speech that women have been lied to about feminism, and that the term has completely misrepresented and confused women, left them struggling and feeling as though they need to compete with men, as opposed to being strong, happy women in their feminine power, doing what they have the innate capacity to do best BECAUSE they are women, not men! Lil’ Blak Dress was established in line with this belief.

Melissa states that the “little black dress” is the perfect iconic representation of true femininity, due to its versatility and elegance, as Coco Chanel originally attested to.

Melissa says a perfect women’s event needs great food, wine, entertainment and fashion, but believes the LBD events go deeper, one step further.  “Women need to laugh more; in general, or even at themselves! So many studies have shown the importance of laughter and fun in promoting health…. I had this in mind when enlisting well-known radio announcer and media personality, Bianca Dye, as MC for all LBD events.”

Melissa highlights the importance of women’s health, and includes a question and answer segment with Sam Beau Patrick – the ‘Health Queen’, a very influential author and women’s health and hormones expert at the LBD events.

Another staple to the LBD events is a special guest “inspiring woman” interview, to build courage in women. Melissa also states the importance of “giving back” with a charity raffle component, but she is quick to state that she is not a fan of “token charity gestures”, which is why she is collaborating with “The Sanctuary”.

Melissa is taking her brand to new heights in 2024, with LBD luncheons at the Gold Coast’s prestigious Langham Hotel, with exciting themes, entertainment and guests on the schedule. Melissa also stated that she intends on making two special announcements regarding Lil’ Blak Dress throughout 2024, including a major inaugural LBD Gala Ball event!

For more information on the first luncheon of the year, go to the Lil’ Blak Dress Facebook page, or contact Melissa at [email protected].