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Nestling in the breathtaking Byron Bay hinterland is world famous Gaia Retreat & Spa, renowned for its healing culture and famous guests. Gaia’s range of organic skincare products are as luxurious and beautiful as the surroundings they’ve been developed in.



Today’s market is flooded with skincare ranges that claim to be ‘natural’, yet are saturated in harsh chemicals. One range, based in own very own Byron Bay hinterland, truly does offer products with pure, proven active ingredients.


Developed by the talent behind Gaia, the world’s most-awarded spa, Retreatment is an ACO certified, organic skincare range that has just been launched on to the international market.


The range is overseen by spa and natural skincare technician Brigitte Geisser, who has more than 22 years’ experience in developing and working with natural skincare. Working for almost ten years at the famous spa retreat, she describes Gaia as her “spiritual home – a genuine, healing place of the highest integrity.”


Talking about the development of the range she says, “While working with clients, we realised there was a genuine need for an organic, yet active and effective skincare range that nourished our skin as much as healthy organic food nourishes our bodies.”


Over the course of two years, Retreatment was meticulously formulated by consciously combining passion with knowledge, and science with nature. Rather than being developed in isolation in a laboratory, Brigitte and the Gaia Spa team formulated and perfected the Retreatment range in consultation with their researchers, suppliers and their valued guests.


“Gregg Cave, Olivia Newton John and the directors of Gaia Retreat & Spa entrusted me with the development of the Retreatment range,” explains Brigitte. “They valued my passion and extensive knowledge in natural skincare and supported and enabled me to co-create the ultimate, natural based, effective skincare range possible.”


A famous, natural beauty, Olivia Newton John credits her youthful glow to “Organic food – and organic skincare.” One of the most popular Retreatment range products, the Restore Serum provides deep and restorative skin nourishment that is instantly visible. Olivia Newton-John personally contributed to creating this signature product that features the potent Buriti Fruit Oil, which is rich in Vitamin A (Beta-Carotene) giving skin an instant, beautiful, sun-kissed glow.


The entire Retreatment range is PH sensitive, working in harmony with your skin, and draws on active native Australian extracts that are rich in healing and nourishing antioxidants, including Vitamins C, A, E and D that visually restore and regenerate the skin.


Other ingredients include Argan, Avocado and Rosehip Oil, which are rich in essential fatty acids, Omega 3 and nine essential fatty acids that have excellent skin penetration properties essential for nourishing mature skin. Additional key ingredients in the Retreatment range include Davidson Plum, potent in Vitamin E, acting as a super antioxidant while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


The Retreatment range blends local, organic nutrient rich plant oils with powerful, native extracts, resulting in a youthful glow that only nature can provide. It’s also accredited by Choose Cruelty Free and is assessed Vegan by the UK Vegan Society. It’s certainly ticking all the boxes!


*The full range of Retreatment is available online at: http://gaiaretreat.com.au/shop/



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Products are ACO Certified Organic, chemical and cruelty free and rich in proven, active, anti-aging ingredients.