Hair-raising success

WORDS: Bernadette Cliff, Owner Toni&Guy Broadbeach PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied

Hair was a hot topic on the agenda during our awesome cover shoot with our wonderful Women In Business winners. And across the board, while these fabulous ladies make running an empire look easy, their hair struggles are real.

Some of the common issues that cropped up during the conversation included thinning, grey hair, frizz and of course, saving time.


Thinning: When it comes to thinning hair, it’s perfectly normal for follicles to stop producing hair after a certain point. Genetics, hormones and stress can all play a part, so the best thing to do is ensure you are looking after the inside and do what you can to boost what we can see on the outside.

My key products for thinning hair include NIOXIN Diaboost, which treats and provides a cosmetic effect, Label.m Thickening Cream and Volume Foam, which are designed for fine-medium hair types and won’t weigh your hair down.


Grey hair: Grey is having a huge moment and can be enhanced with shine gloss and subtle foil shimmers in various shades to suit your skin tone. If grey’s not for you, strategically placed lighter pieces can help you get longer than three weeks out of your colour, even if you are a brunette. A bespoke colour service is the best way to go.

Frizz: We have to pay for this glorious weather somehow ;). There are plenty of options out there. Keratin treatments and moisture treatments do help but the biggest mistake I see people making is trying to fight the frizz once their hair is dry. To get the best result, you need to start with freshly washed hair and start layering the products then to lock in the moisture and get the style you want. Label.m Diamond Dust leave-in conditioner is fantastic, followed by either ANTI FRIZZ Mist/ Cream/ Balm, depending on whether your hair is fine/ medium/ thick, and then ensuring you maintain good tension between the hair and brush when blow-drying. Hairspray is a must on a hot, humid day and professional formulas do not leave your hair stiff or sticky or make it need washing. They are almost invisible but use special polymers that keep your hair in check.

Time: The best time-saving hacks are to embrace and learn how to use the correct products: Dry Shampoo, Dry Conditioner and Texture sprays all help extend styles and prevent the hair from getting flat and oily. Again, not all formulas are the same but your hair professional should be able to teach you exactly how to spray it, where to spray it and how to massage it into the root area to ensure perfect coverage. Once the hair is prepped like this you can then either brush back into its style or pin it up. I’m a fan of a little teasing and re-blow drying my fringe area for a look that appears like I’ve put a lot of time and effort in,  not the 90 seconds it really took.