Get your daily dose of goodness with Daily Good

WORDS: Ashley Miln PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied

Boosting one’s immunity and improving overall health and wellbeing has never been easier thanks to Daily Good’s range of delicious, award-winning immunity shots, which are packed with natural and organic ingredients that provide a well-rounded health boost, while supporting immunity naturally.

Daily Good’s health enhancing daily tonics contain a wealth of known immunity boosting ingredients such as Zinc (which is renowned for helping to sustain the immune system, NZ mānuka honey (highly praised for its antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties), turmeric (known to help to decrease inflammation), ginger (often used for helping to aid digestion), apple cider vinegar (lauded for its antibiotic and antiseptic benefits), and lemon juice (known to be an excellent of source of vitamin C).

Daily Good is gluten-free, dairy-free, organic, and has no added fillers or nasties, making it great for everyone to enjoy.

Each bottle includes 7 daily shots that can be consumed in a variety of ways – take it as a shot (50ml) neat “straight” or dilute it in cold water or hot water (perfect for cold, winter days!) You can also take Daily Good in a smoothie, cereal, and more, making it an easy and delicious way to get your daily dose of goodness.

Daily Good is available in three seriously fabulous flavours: Daily Good Organic Fiji Turmeric Immunity Shots, Daily Good Organic Blackcurrant Immunity Shots, and Daily Good Organic Fiji Ginger Immunity Shots.

Daily Good is proudly made in NZ, and was created as a sustainable, purpose-led business that exists to support Ranadi Organics, Daily Good’s partner farm in Fiji, which provides USDA-certified Organic Fijian Tumeric and Ginger for Daily Good’s products.

In turn, the proceeds from Daily Good help to provide a commercially viable source of income for Ranadi Organics, which allows them to continue to drive scale for their impact work, which supports rural Fijian women within their community.

This is beneficial in a variety of ways, including providing the women with housing, education, and training and certification for organic farming. This work has been a ‘game changer’ for women in Fiji, who would typically work ad-hoc, informal jobs, and remain trapped in dependency – either on subsistence farming or on the low market value of their crops.

Rhona MacKenzie, Co-Founder of Daily Good, said: 

“We’re beyond proud of Daily Good and the care that has gone into every facet of developing this truly purpose driven brand. We didn’t create a brand and then decide what initiative we’d like to run; it was the other way round – we created Daily Good as a sustainable brand to ‘do good’, while enabling us to support our partner farm, Ranadi Organics, and the vital women-focused impact work that they do.   We’re thrilled to be able to provide consumers with a premium immunity shot product that meets the growing demand for ‘food as medicine’ that supports immune health.”

Daily Good is priced from $19.00 and is available for purchase from key retailers including Woolworths.