Editors Note


In my 54 years on this planet, I honestly cannot remember a year like 2020. Corona Virus is a once in a hundred-year event and thank god I won’t be here to see the next one.

The effects have been vast and wide-ranging. I don’t believe that we’ve seen how this level of stress on jobs and business will affect our mental health in the long term.

For Ocean Road Magazine, we were not immune to how COVID19 has affected business confidence, and we were sadly forced to skip our Winter 2020 Edition.

But we see the challenge as not far removed from when we started the magazine 10 years ago. Then, the GFC was the challenge. Now, the pandemic is our challenge.

It’s been a truly remarkable 10 years, and we thank all our team, our readers and advertisers for sticking with us and supporting the publication for an entire decade now.

It was a pleasure in this issue to dedicate our cover and cover story to the last 10 years and all the wonderful people we’ve worked with over that time; those who’ve supported this unique regional publication.

There are a million stories – and we could not fit them all in!

We’ve focused on some of the more famous faces that you will no doubt recognise.

A real theme that came through the birthday wishes we received was the love of long-form storytelling with a local focus, which has certainly been lost over recent years.

At Ocean Road Magazine, we dedicate ourselves to keeping it real; to telling the full story and making sure the magazine remains a pictorial spender of the people and the region that we cover.

As a photographer, it’s exciting to be able to showcase the region through the lens along with well-written content.

Being part of the media world, COVID has made it very clear that print media needed to embrace the digital age and ensure their digital assets are as good as they can be.

So, Ocean Road Magazine has teamed up with local gun tech team Zip Sites to bring you a new website that will be an online delight, bringing you all the latest straight to your computer, tablet and phone.

This is all part of our 10-year anniversary celebrations and our strategy into 2021 and beyond. Check it out and subscribe at – www.oceanroadmagazine.com.au

Thanks for all your support over the past 10 years and here’s to another 10 that are even bigger and better than the last!


Brian Usher