Cozze Pizza Oven Launches New Versions in Australia

WORDS: Ocean Road Magazine Editorial Staff PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied

Making healthy, home-made pizza just got much easier with the introduction of the Cozze 17” Gas Pizza Oven and Cozze 13” Electrical Pizza Oven, by the global industry-leading pizza oven manufacturer.

Complementing the existing Cozze 13” gas-powered pizza oven, the new Cozze 17” gas-powered pizza oven (Model CZ90555) and Cozze 13” electrical pizza oven (Model CZ90562) provide greater flexibility and opportunities for making yummy pizza at home and letting everyone become a pizza making expert.

The introductory Cozze 13” Gas Model has been upgraded and will now feature a backlit LED.

All three Cozze pizza oven models are supplied with a solid LFGB-approved cordierite pizza stone, heat up in 20 minutes, and once pre-heated, each can cook a pizza in just two minutes. The 13” models can cook a 34-centimetre diameter pizza, while the 17” can fit 42-centimetre diameter pizzas.

Similar to a BBQ, the Cozze 13” and 17” gas pizza ovens easily connect to a gas bottle, while the electrical version simply plugs into a power outlet and includes a door to maintain the pizza oven’s heat.

As well as pizza, Cozze is perfect for cooking tortillas, flatbread, calzones, and other food. The cast iron reversible grill and griddle accessory makes cooking chicken and steak easy.

Made with anti-rust lacquered zinc-plated steel, the Cozze pizza oven’s complementary range of accessories include a pizza paddle, cutter, infrared thermometer, outdoor table stand, and pizza oven cover. Each accessory is available separately.

The Cozze 17” Gas Pizza Oven (RRP$ 699), Cozze 13” Gas Pizza Oven with LED feature (RRP$ 449), 13” Electrical Pizza Oven (RRP $549) and accessories are available at Bunnings and Harvey Norman. The 13” Gas Pizza Oven (RRP $399) is available at Bunnings.

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