Art + Potluck Collective: A Feast for the Senses at the Robina Community Art Gallery

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Gold Coast, January 2024 – The vibrant city of Gold Coast is set to become a haven for art enthusiasts as Robina Community Art Gallery will host a much-anticipated exhibition, the Art+Potluck Collective: A Community Storytelling and Art Exhibition, from February 21 to March 3, 2024.

Dive into a world of creativity and expression in an exhibition that features 16 contemporary local artists. During the exhibition period, each of the artists will present artwork and feature live storytelling and workshops that promise to captivate the audience. From highly charged, emotionally driven art pieces addressing current political and social issues, to thought-provoking artworks, such as the works of Maki Horanai, a Japanese artist living in Southeast Queensland, originally hailing from Hokkaido in northern Japan.

The collection spans a diverse range of artistic expressions that include paintings, drawings, design, sculptures, fashion, video, audio, photography, and mixed media. The exhibition will not only showcase stunning works but also offer interactive artist workshops and demonstrations, creating a dynamic and engaging atmosphere. Visitors can immerse themselves in the artistic process, gaining insights into the creation of masterpieces directly from the creators.

Every day will feature an artist talk or workshop, where visitors can come and meet and listen from the artists themselves. There will be poetry writing, storytelling and art demonstrations and workshops facilitated by the exhibiting artists. Visitors will be offered a mini-tour of the exhibit during specific times of the day.

For art collectors, this event is a golden opportunity to explore and acquire works from both self-taught and fine art-trained individuals. Many of these artists have not previously exhibited in this format, making it an excellent investment opportunity for budding collectors to acquire unique, iconic pieces from modern masters and contemporaries, including some of the most sought-after living artists on the Gold Coast and beyond.

The official opening on Sunday night, Art+Potluck Collective goes beyond the traditional art exhibition by inviting the public to a unique gala potluck dinner. This special event, free to the public via registration, encourages attendees to bring a plate of food to share, and express themselves during the casual open mic, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie.

The Art+Potluck Collective Art Exhibition anticipates a diverse crowd, including collectors, workshop participants, locals seeking inspiration, and students exploring potential careers in the arts. This exhibition promises a unique and enriching experience for anyone with a passion for creativity and artistic expression. This exhibit is supported by the City of Gold Coast.


WHAT: Art + Potluck Collective Art Exhibition

WHO: 16 Contemporary SEQ Local Artists

  • Rey Alcocer
  • Carl Anacin
  • Mariana Lara Bianchi
  • Sarah Crocker
  • Jan Garside-Saxon
  • Maki Horanai
  • Helena Horsley
  • Andy Kancachian
  • Kasia Minka_toja
  • Kuweni
  • Wendy Lane
  • Craig Marsh
  • Nelly Dias Mendis
  • Roselle Tenefrancia
  • Hillel Weintraub
  • Miguel Vicente


PUBLIC EVENTS: Daily exhibitions, Official Opening – Art + Potluck Gala Dinner

MORE INFORMATION: Follow us on Facebook – ArtPotlluckProject for the full list of exhibiting artists and event details.


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Art + Potluck Project is a personal project that encourages community storytelling and sharing food at the dining table. Guests are invited via personal network to a private activity where they will be sharing space with artists, creatives and other community members at the dining table.


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