Anit-aging treatments: Have you heard about RF MICRONEEDLING?

WORDS: Dr Paula Hade, Her Medical PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied

Fractional radio frequency micro-needling can help stimulate and remodel collagen on the face and body no matter your skin type.

COSMETIC and anti-aging medicine has come a long way in recent times.

There are so many products and treatments available these days, it can be difficult to know where to start and what the best option is for you. Anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, threads, light therapy, laser, IPL, creams and serums – the list is ever-growing.

So what can be done to help lift, tighten and rejuvenate skin at a deeper level?

Fractional radio frequency (RF) micro-needling is a treatment that can be performed on all skin types to stimulate and remodel collagen. It helps reduce the signs of aging, lift and tighten skin and improve fine lines, wrinkles and scars with little to no downtime. It is also incredibly effective as a treatment for acne scarring.

The combination of RF technology and micro-needles stimulates new collagen and is highly effective in remodelling the structure of the skin at multiple levels.

What can RF be used for?

FACE: Non-surgical face lifting, wrinkle reduction, skin tightening, skin rejuvenation and pore reduction; improvement of acne and other scars.

BODY: Scars, stretch marks, excessive underarm sweating.


How is RF micro-needling performed?

Numbing cream is applied to the area 45 minutes before it is treated. The handpiece is progressively moved over the skin during treatment, stamping the area with fine micro-needles and delivering the RF frequency.

What does RF feel like?

A brief prickling sensation and warmth lasting a fraction of a second is generally felt each time the skin is stamped. Some areas, for example around the jawline, eyes and mouth, may be a little more sensitive, but the discomfort is brief and usually well tolerated.


What to expect after the treatment?

The treated skin is usually red, warm and tingling immediately after treatment. Redness generally settles within 24 hours. Most patients will return to work the next day without any obvious effects. As the micro-needles break the skin surface, minor pinpoint bleeding is common. Very occasionally, a fine crust of scab may develop in some areas.


How many RF treatments are required?

Generally, at least three treatments, one month apart, are recommended for significant results. The more treatments, the better the results.

How long does it take to see results?

Results can be seen after four to six weeks but will continue to develop for up to four months after each treatment.


Are there any side effects?

RF is a very safe cosmetic procedure with minimal downtime and very few side effects. Prolonged redness and minor swelling for up to three days, temporary patterning of treated skin, minor bruising, skin colour changes (most common in darker skin patients) and infection are potential but rare side effects.

RF Microneedling is available now at Her Medical: Women’s Health Clinic Southport.

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