Amazing Greenland – The world’s largest island

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Often overshadowed by other destinations nearby, Greenland is an amazing country to visit. But when should you go and what do you do there?

IN a place without a real road system, one of the best ways to get to know Greenland is through cruise travel, which can bring you to places you never imagined you’d see and acquaint you with people you had no idea you’d ever meet.

With Hurtigruten Expeditions, you can explore this unique destination in ultimate comfort and safety, aboard premium small-ship expeditions accompanied by an expedition team of field experts.

In Greenland, Inuit culture is thriving and adapting to the changing times and Greenlanders are a famously friendly people. You can meet local residents, go on hunting trips, sled with dogs and more – but make sure you don’t miss out on what makes Greenland unique.

While most people know it’s quite cold (the icy answer to Iceland’s truly green surroundings), there’s much more to Greenland – and you don’t have to forgo the trip entirely if you’re not a fan of winter weather.

When should you go to Greenland?

Whether you’re looking to escape the heat of summer or experience some of the delights winter in Greenland brings, you’re in luck. There’s never a bad time to make the trip.

However, you should consider what’s important to you. If your heart is set on the northern lights and meeting sled dogs, it’s best to wait until winter (even if you have to pack all of your wool clothing).

If you’d rather have a more temperate experience and still immerse yourself in the culture and landscape of Greenland, summer could be a lovely time to go – and could also get you out of humid, hot days at home. In fact, most expedition cruises to Greenland take place between June and August

From dog sledding to glaciers – what activities should you do?

Greenland is a unique country that provides many opportunities for travellers. One of the things everyone should do is get serious about sampling local cuisine. Whether you go with an excursion from your expedition cruise ship or on your own to explore restaurants, you’ll find freshly caught fish – Greenland is the only place you can try Greenland salmon – as well as wild game that has recently been hunted. You may sample delicacies like seal and musk ox if you let yourself be governed by what’s up for grabs at the place where you go to eat. Don’t avoid unfamiliar food – some of them are only available in Greenland.

You should also make sure to look around you at every step of the way. Greenland is beautiful, from its glaciers to its green meadows, and taking an excursion for the sole purpose of hiking around a little is a great idea. It’s unlike any landscape you’re likely to have seen before, so take plenty of pictures or even schedule a special photography cruise to treat yourself and bring home the best vacation photos around.

Joining a Hurtigruten Expeditions cruise means that you can truly discover the island through a range of onboard lectures, shore landings and optional activities. There are many excursions available, from city tours to community visits or maybe get a small taste of hiking the famous Arctic Circle Trail. Then there’s kayaking in the land of kayaks. If you’re an adventurer, Greenland can cater to you exquisitely. You may see any one of a number of local animals, from seals and oxen to whales, and you’ll certainly be exposed to the elements in ways that aren’t all too common back home. This is true whether you visit in winter or summer.

If your intentions in going on a vacation include exploration and new challenges, Greenland is perfect for you.