A Runway Revolution

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The 2023 AFF HUXNBOSS Model Search and International Fashion Designer Runway Redefines International Fashion on the Gold Coast

The Australian Fashion Federation (AFF) recently illuminated the Gold Coast fashion scene with its spectacular 2023 HUXNBOSS Model Search and International Fashion Designer Runway, hosted at the Imperial Hotel. This event, sponsored by the likes of Imperial Hotel, Amir Prestige, and Gold Coast BMW, marked a significant milestone in the journey of Australian fashion.

Photographer- Brian Usher

Ocean Road Magazine, as the official media partner, had the privilege of being a part of this remarkable convergence of style, creativity and glamour. The event saw the innovative work of esteemed designers like Kimbra Lou and Re-Loved Apparel, presenting their unique aesthetic narratives. Kimbra Lou’s boundary-defying collections were met with enthusiastic applause, while Re-Loved Apparel’s commitment to sustainable fashion resonated deeply with the audience.

Photographer- Brian Usher

The gala, attended by over 200 fashion enthusiasts, was electric. The Imperial Hotel’s halls were transformed into a runway paradise, showcasing high fashion’s elegance and sophistication. The highlight of the event was the performance by Ikin Dance, a captivating fusion of dance and fashion that enthralled the audience.

Photographer: Brian Usher- [email protected]

Surjit Singh, the Managing Director of AFF, emphasised that the 2023 event was just a glimpse of what’s to come. With grand plans for 2024, the AFF is poised to further enrich the Australian fashion landscape.

Jazmine Jenner of HUXNBOSS echoed the sentiment, lauding AFF’s efforts in creating a runway experience that rivals major fashion events. The platform not only showcased top-tier fashion but also provided an unforgettable experience for the models.

Spotlight on Success: 2023 AFF Model of the Year

The AFF 2023 HUXNBOSS Model Search and International Fashion Designer Runway, a celebrated event in the Australian fashion calendar, crowned Ellie Sabato as the Model of the Year. This title is a testament to her remarkable talent, grace, and dedication to her craft.

Photographer: @withchris, Make Up @elliesabato7, Stylist @elliesabato7

Photographer: @casapalmagc, Make Up @caitlinzagamimua, Stylist @corkymonroe

Ellie Sabato, an emerging name in the fashion world, captured the hearts and attention of the industry’s elite with her poise and elegance on the runway. Ellie’s journey to these accolades was marked by hard work, resilience, and a passion for fashion that shines through in every step she has taken.

On a night that celebrated the future of fashion, Ellie stood out as a beacon of the potential and excellence that the Australian fashion industry holds. Ellie’s win is not just a personal achievement but a milestone that signifies the growth and opportunities presented in the Australian fashion arena.

Photographer: Brian Usher- [email protected]

Ocean Road Magazine congratulates Ellie Sabato on her well-deserved success and is excited to follow her career as she continues to make waves in the fashion industry.