5 Tips for Choosing Video Making Tools for Your Business


WORDS: Peter Minkoff PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied

Content marketing is by far the most effective way for companies to build their presence online. However, with so many formats to consider, marketers and small businesses in general are often at a loss as to what to invest in, especially if you have limited resources. Both from a financial sense and in terms of dedicating your time and talent, it takes ample effort to create and regularly update your content marketing. 

Today, however, video is leading the way as the most appealing format for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re a solopreneur, a digital marketer at heart, or you simply want to take your video strategy to the next level, you need video-making tools. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right ones. 

User-friendly and intuitive tools

When you’re ready to launch your very first video campaign, you know that you can choose from a wide array of video types for your business. Before you get carried away with the sheer selection, keep in mind that your tool needs to be able to produce such video types, without you losing your mind over the process. 

So, the goal is to check out how intuitive and simple to use your tool will be. Of course, if you’re not a professional video marketer, you will be facing a learning curve anyway. The goal is to keep that learning curve as manageable as possible, and start creating videos quickly and efficiently. 

Budget considerations

Another key issue most businesses and entrepreneurs face when investing in software of any kind is, of course, budget. Thankfully, you can find very purpose-driven options that are cost-effective or even free of charge. You can use a free video maker to preserve your marketing budget without sacrificing any of the creative capabilities you need for your campaign.

However, much like with everything else, it’s wise to pick a tool that combines a reasonable price with the extra capabilities you can use for making your videos more appealing and customized to your brand and your audience. 

Template options

The more powerful and effective video makers come with libraries of existing content that’s ready to be used in your videos to make them more exciting. You can find a versatile video maker online that has a library of creative templates for different seasons and marketing goals.

Look for a video maker that includes additional creative material such as stickers, memes, all the way to effective video transitions and soundtracks. That way, your part of the job will be much easier, while you’ll retain your creative freedom to build diverse videos for different campaigns.

Editing capabilities

Now, there’s always a balance between cost-effectiveness and available features, but depending on the complexity of your videos, you should go for tools that strike that fine balance and provide enough of both. 

Editing should be as intuitive as the tool itself, so check how well you can use your video maker to change the lighting, contrast, add filters, and perhaps some AR elements. Use editing as a way to make your videos more appealing, but don’t go overboard with special effects. 

Sound incorporation and special effects

Some videos do work well without sound, especially when you leave it up to the customer to choose whether they want the audio or not, and if you use captions to help them understand the content. Other videos, on the other hand, desperately need audio content to make them viable, and poor-quality audio can completely wreck your video campaign.

Some editing tools come with a slew of sound effects you can use in your videos to make them more whimsical or exciting for your audience. The library of available sounds also lends you the possibility to create animated content with audio effects. 


There is no shortage of video makers and editing software out there, but you need to be mindful of your financial and creative capabilities when choosing the right tool for your business. Keep these features in mind and you’ll quickly be able to find the right software that will allow you to create beautiful videos to convert more customers.