5 Tips For Choosing a Domain Name


WORDS: Peter Minkoff PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied

Running any business or a service nowadays is more than likely going to require opening up a good website. Most people are already familiar with this. However, it is not so self-evident how one should approach the technical details of starting a website. One of the most important things that you will have to do for your page is choose a good-quality domain name. This is going to determine who and how you attract. Here are five essential tips for choosing a good domain name.  

Make it brandable

Choosing a domain for your business is going to have a massive impact on your business, this is a reflection of your company and everything that it stands for. That is why you name should be easily brandable. What makes something brandable is the fact that it should feel natural and familiar. This means that you have to avoid using any hyphens, numbers and other symbols that carry very little meaning. Ideally, you should focus on unique and memorable words that are simple and easy to remember. You can choose words that have some rhythm. For instance, a word could start and end with similar syllables just like TikTok. In addition, you could choose to make it feel more user-centric by directing it at your clients such as YouTube. Likewise, you can achieve this unique effect when you register using the excellent .me domain name. This is going to serve as a clever and covert call to action. People are going to respond much better when they see it, as it feels personal, which is what good branding is all about. 

It should be easy to pronounce 

As well as being brandable, your domain name should be easy to pronounce. This is not because people are going to go around shouting your name, but because of the way our brains process words. When a word is easy to pronounce it ticks all the boxes of good processing fluency. This will ensure that your name is easy to remember. You will not be losing potential traffic simply because people misspell your name. 

It should be intuitive

When web hosting keep in mind that your business idea should be in the name. This would mean that if you are running a pizza place, your name should relate to pizza making. This is another phenomenal way to make your page much more memorable and recognizable, while eliminating any confusion. 

Implement keywords

Keywords play a huge role in your online ranking. However, you should not use repetitive keywords that are far too obvious such as most exact match keywords. Instead focus on niche keywords that are going to be relevant for your target audience. You will be able to target the right people while avoiding Google’s strict norms. 

Consider future changes

Make sure to leave room for future growth. Any good business should have the ability to pivot their services when the time is right. For instance, this could be when you are expanding your offer or when you want to target more people. If you choose a domain name that is too specific you run the risk of limiting any future growth. Your brand should have a unique name but it shouldn’t leave you locked in place, without any room for growth. 

Running almost any modern business entails choosing a well-recognizable domain name for your website. You can achieve amazing results if you stick to a few essential principles. Make your domain easily brandable by incorporating clever and short names. Make sure to include CTA in your domain in order to truly captivate people. In addition, make the name easy to pronounce. A memorable name is also intuitive and self-explanatory. For optimal results implement relevant niche keywords. Lastly, be mindful of any future changes that you’re likely going to make, and choose a domain name that can also account for those changes.