5 Signs You Are Running a Socially Conscious Business


WORDS: Peter Minkoff PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied

Social responsibility fosters innovation and drives change. Besides the moral factor, ethical companies build stronger company cultures and retain top talent. Most importantly, they build trust with customers and inspire brand loyalty.

If you have wondered whether your business is socially conscious, here are a few factors to consider. 

You Give Back to the Community

When I say corporate responsibility, TOMS is probably the first brand that comes to your mind. Its iconic “Buy one, give one” initiative provided shoes to millions of people in need. The campaign has helped them brand themselves as a socially responsible business.

You do not have to be an experienced marketer to understand that corporate philanthropy goes far beyond doing good in the world. It is also about building trust with customers by sharing their missions, values, and purpose.

Now, you can give back to the community in multiple ways, from establishing volunteering programs to participating in fundraisers. Ensure your corporate responsibility programs are genuine and consistent. For example, Rebbl focuses on sustainable labour and farming practices. It uses green solutions in packaging, agriculture, and transportation, as well.  

You Have Ethical Labour Practices

Social responsibility starts from within. Unfortunately, studies found that only 29% of Australian employees say their company invests in ethical labour. 

To implement ethical labour practices into your company culture, start by investing in a safe work environment. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, over 560,000 employees experienced work-related injuries. 

To minimize safety risks in the workplace, establish safety policies and equip employees with safety gear. Keep in mind that safety regulations depend on your industry and location. For example, if you are an Australian construction business, you will want to invest in men’s workwear in Australia

Additionally, here are a few more ethical labour practices to follow: 

  • Treat your employees with dignity.
  • Recognize and reward employees’ contributions.
  • Enable personal and professional growth opportunities.
  • Provide fair compensation for employees’ services.
  • Invest in workplace diversity and inclusion.

You Invest in Sustainability

Global warming is an alarming reality for everyone. According to a recent environmental study, 90% of Australian consumers and businesses are concerned about environmental sustainability. On the other hand, only half believe they are contributing to the protection of the planet.

It is your responsibility as an entrepreneur to take action and minimize unsustainable practices. Here are several tactics to consider:

  • Shifting to a paperless environment
  • Participating in recycling initiatives
  • Implementing eco-friendly lighting and cleaning initiatives
  • Building sustainability policies
  • Reducing unsustainable industry practices

You Actively Involve your Employees

Social change should come from everyone in your team. Therefore, if you want to build a socially responsible business, you will need the help of all staff members.

Ensure your employees are involved and informed about your social mission and initiatives. They should understand the issues the company is addressing and realize why and how you are doing it.

For starters, schedule meetings regularly, send out engaging memos and provide credible learning materials. Once they gain holistic view of your social missions, employees will be empowered to join the cause.

You Have an Internal Social Responsibility Team

As mentioned above, employee education is essential to establishing a socially responsible business. To ensure everyone follows your social responsibility policies, consider setting up an internal social responsibility team.

The team members should be passionate about your social consciousness program. They are willing to dedicate their time to identify the best way to contribute to the community. Most importantly, they should provide other employees with guidance. 

The responsibilities of a social responsibility team include:

  • Providing employees with clear guidance on social responsibility.
  • Carrying out a list of company tasks and initiatives. 
  • Implementing internal and public awareness campaigns.
  • Creating reports on the social responsibility campaign performance.


Social consciousness is not optional anymore. It is an essential element of any successful business. It helps you build a strong company culture with high moral standing in the industry. That way, you will enhance your recruiting practices, as well as increase brand awareness and loyalty.