5 Reasons Why Plants Are a Perfect Gift


WORDS: Peter Minkoff PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied

No matter how much you love the person, sometimes, it’s super hard to pick out a perfect present for their special day. And then you also need to think about the appropriateness of your gift for the occasion—you can grab the same present for your cousin’s birthday and your spouse’s retirement. However, there’s one gift that works for every occasion and is beloved by most people—plants! Today, plants are popular more than ever, and more and more people are discovering their green thumb and their love of greenery. Here’s why you should keep plants on top of your gift list every time: 

Plants are forever

In the past, the most popular gift used to be flowers. Flower bouquets, however, are a very impulsive buy that also costs a lot of money and lasts only a week or two tops. While flowers might look amazing for a week, plants look amazing for years, and even generations (jade plants can live up to 100 years). Plants that constantly propagate themselves can technically live forever! Also, the flower industry is very wasteful leaving the receiver with a bunch of wilted stems, fallen petals and cellophane for wrapping. 

Giving someone a plant is a very durable gift that will remind them of you for years and years. And thanks to their timeless green color and simple look, plants will be popular forever. As long as you provide your recipient with a little leaflet on how to take care of their new green friend, it will live forever! 

Plants are decorative

Plants are wonderful decoration pieces that are also healthy, eco-friendly and unique—every plant is a little piece of art. As they grow, your gift recipient will have more and more opportunities to create unique decorations with plants and boost the aesthetic appeal of their house. Also, plants fit into any décor style, so no matter how unique your recipient’s interior is, they will find a beautiful spot for a plant in their home

Plants are perfect for any occasion

Is your favorite person celebrating a special occasion like their birthday? Feel free to surprise them with a new plant for their collection. Celebrating an anniversary with a partner or spouse? A plant for your apartment will be a constant reminder of how your love grows when you take care of it. Someone you love has just gotten a new job and you want to surprise them with a gift? A plant for their office is a great option. As you can see, plants are a perfect gift for any occasion and for any human being. And even if you can’t be there for your gift recipient in person, you can order plant delivery. In some countries like Australia, plant delivery is very popular today, so consider plant gift delivery in Sydney even when you’re far away. Your special person will be surprised with a beautiful plant gift and think of you wherever you are. 

Plants are therapeutic 

When you’re spending time surrounded by greenery, you can quickly notice many health benefits, both physical and mental. If you want to encourage a person to be more caring and thoughtful, gift them a plant. Plants boost mindfulness, observation and responsibility. They also give people a purpose and a sense that they are needed, so lonely people can greatly benefit from plants. All in all, plants can do wonders for human health like lifting spirits, helping with anxiety and depression, improving oxygen levels at home, etc. 

They are eco-friendly

The eco-friendly movement is going big still, and hopefully, it will continue to be popular and attract more and more people. If your gift receiver is green and eco-conscious, feel free to present them with a nice plant. Plants are a great present especially when they come in terracotta, wood or jute planters which are 100% natural. You can also opt for recycled plastic planters. And if the gift you provided to your person fails (if the plant dies), it will leave nothing but organic waste and reusable planter behind. 

So next time you have a birthday, anniversary or any other event to attend, reach for a beautiful plant gift and you’ll be sure your present will be appreciated.