4 Fun Things to Do in Mornington Peninsula

WORDS: Diana Smith PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied

Being that it’s not too far from Melbourne, many Melburnians consider Mornington Peninsula a superb destination for a family day trip or a day at the beach with friends. However, this wonderful peninsula is loaded with tourist and natural attractions alike, which means you’ll have plenty to do if you decide to spend your entire vacation there. If you’re wondering what you can do your time and what you can see while in this corner of the world, here are some of the most amazing things to do in Mornington Peninsula this season.

Mornington Peninsula National Park

If you’re a fan of long walks in the nature and you’d like to soak in all of the breathtaking views you possibly can, the Mornington Peninsula National Park is the perfect place to start exploring the place. There you’ll find some of the best hiking trails you’ve ever walked, right on top of the spectacular cliffs, which will provide you with the unique chance to observe the stunning wild beaches from above. In case that’s not enough for you, you can also go horseback riding on the beach or even do some surfing. Afterwards, perhaps you’d enjoy a relaxing picnic with your companions, with ocean wind in your hair and the most memorable views. Plus, don’t miss your opportunity to spot the wildlife of the area, which includes a wide diversity of bird species, but also wallabies and kangaroos, just minding their own business and looking incredibly cute in the process.

Enchanted Adventure Garden

Even though the peninsula is widely famous for its beaches, it will certainly pay off if you step away from them for a while, since there are other natural attractions worth your time and attention. One of them is definitely the Enchanted Adventure Garden, which is just as exciting to adults as it always is to children. You can take a tree-surfing course or you can take the canopy walk, which is also suitable for strollers and wheelchairs, meaning that it’s quite an inclusive feature of the Garden. There are several mazes to wander around, and you can get some food and refreshments there, too. As this particular attraction will give you something to do all day long, perhaps you’ll also want to find a place to stay nearby. This won’t be difficult, since there are some highly appealing holiday rentals in Mornington Peninsula, whether you’re alone, with your friends or with your family. This means that you can get bikes for your little ones, a massage right inside the accommodation of your choice, or try some top-quality wine at a winery close by.

The Town of Mornington

While the entire peninsula has plenty to offer to travelers, it would be a shame not to explore the very town that it was named after. Although it’s not really a huge place, it still has plenty to offer to a keen visitor. For instance, if you find yourself in Mornington on a Wednesday, you’ll be thrilled to stroll down the traffic-free main street, as that’s when it becomes a lovely fresh-produce market. This is also the ideal way to try some of the fruit, vegetables and other food grown and produced in the area. After you’ve seen what the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery has in store for you, you can check out the old Post Office Museum as well. Once you’re done with all of that, you can choose whether you’ll do some shopping, relax in one of the charming cafés or restaurants there, or do some sunbathing and swimming on one of the town’s beaches.

Peninsula Hot Springs

If you’ve ever taken a bath in natural thermal mineral water, you know how good it feels and you’ll be happy to know that Mornington Peninsula boasts some sensational hilltop pools with the most dazzling views you can imagine. However, that’s merely the beginning. The variety of bathing experiences will leave you breathless and keep you happy for as long as you’d like it. Some of the most inviting examples are Hammam, which is a Turkish steam bath, a cave pool, the family bathing area and geothermal pools you won’t forget any time soon. You can even opt for the massaging thermal mineral showers. Those who have a need for rehabilitation can do some useful water exercises, and those who just want to be pampered in a day-spa manner won’t be disappointed either. If all of this already sounds alluring, you should know that the natural surroundings will make it even more stimulating for you, which is why you should make the hot springs a part of your Mornington Peninsula vacation itinerary.

If you still haven’t decided where to spend your next vacation, you should know that Mornington Peninsula is bound to live up to all of your expectations and that there won’t be a dull moment while you’re there. So, wait no longer and book your Mornington Peninsula as soon as you today.