The subject of organic and biodynamic wine continues to resonate with a growing segment of the wine-drinking community.

We are consuming more and more organic and biodynamic wine — not just here in Australia, but worldwide. In a Good Food article last year, Callan Boys stated, “Globally, the consumption of organic and biodynamic wines has almost doubled from 349 million bottles in 2012 to 676 million bottles in 2017.”  

January 5, 2020

As society becomes increasingly health conscious, many have questions around wine itself. Here’s ORM’s insight into organic choices, why there’s a growing trend toward them, and what to choose.

With a rising consciousness of all things healthy, land care, sustainability, the minimal use of chemicals, and a focus toward a healthy lifestyle, the subject of organic and biodynamic farming resonates with the community.  
It seems ob...

October 6, 2019

Highly aromatic with a fabulous nose, but light in flavour — ORM takes a closer look at (and taste of) gamay.  

There was a time, and it must be added here many, many, many years ago, that I thought Beaujolais wine was made from pinot noir. Surely you all thought that too, right? No?

Turns out Beaujolais is not made from pinot noir, but rather from a grape variety called gamay. How embarrassing!  However, I take some comfort fro...

There are more than 40 producers of Grüner Veltliner today; they are peppering our landscape. It suits our lifestyle, our food — and it tastes delicious.

Eight years ago, I wrote a piece on Grüner Veltliner asking the question: was this grape going to be the next big thing? My answer was probably not, but it didn’t matter as both the Australian wine industry and wine consumers would no doubt give it a go.  
Enter 2019 and sadly...

October 7, 2018

Spring has sprung so clear out the cobwebs, pack away the reds (but only if you want to) it’s Rizza time!

For many years now wine writers, wine punters and sommeliers have espoused the virtues of Riesling. The International Riesling Foundation (yes there is one) notes that Riesling is the world’s most noble and versatile white grape variety, while the Oxford Companion of Wine states Riesling is a “great white wine grape variety...

Alexander Payne’s 2004 film Sideways, a black comedy that was nominated for five Academy Awards, is generally credited with propelling pinot noir sales in the United States. The movie follows two middle-aged friends – a school teacher and so-called wine snob named Miles, played by Paul Giamatti, and his best mate, a soon-to-be-married actor named Jack, played by Thomas Haden Church – on a week-long road trip through California...

Everything you need to know about Pinot Noir…

As a social media user, I like Facebook as it has allowed me to reunite with long lost friends and school buddies. One such friend, who shall remain nameless, is a leading lecturer in all matters of economics and an avid lover of food and wine. Wine and food consumed him. I remember fondly the one wine-related expression he uttered at festive times. From time to time I find myself...

This time last year, many retailers crazily stocked their shelves with both domestic and international Rosés, even though some had expertly anticipated growing interests in this style a few summers ago.
Likewise, Sommeliers the custodians of all things wine, were also busy adding more and more Rosés to their wine lists.
As the ripple effect in the market place powered into a tsunami of interest, having just one Rosé was simply...

What better way to welcome spring than with a glass or two of sparkling wine? As Christopher Tracey, winemaker Channing Daughters Winery in the Hamptons says, “Sparkling wine is like butter or bacon: It makes everything better. Couldn’t agree more!

What to drink in Spring

Sparkling wines provide the perfect kick-start to any occasion. As a nation we are serious consumers of sparkling wine with over 85 million bottles sold in Au...

The evolving and now dynamic restaurant scene on our coast is being complemented greatly by a strengthening wine industry here in Australia. ORM sat down with the one of the Gold Coast’s most prolific mind’s on wine. Cheers!

It is said that your initial interaction with someone will stay with you. I sit alone in the grand and ultra-modern Balthazar Wine & Dining at The Crowne Plaza Surfers Paradise, awaiting the arrival of Wine...

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