What to Expect at Australian Fashion Week in 2021?

australian fashion week

WORDS: Peter Minkoff PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied

While the world is still reeling from the pandemic and its many consequences, we’re all in need of some beauty, aren’t we? The previous year has been tough on fashion as much as it was on other industries, but this year shows great promise that a fashionable revival is in order. That is why, this year’s Australian Fashion Week will be in fresh new groove, so to speak, supported by Afterpay. 

It will take place starting from May 31 to June 4 in Carriageworks, with a handful of off-site shows to be announced, too. There are many novelties to be expected, and with that in mind, we can cover a few of the core trends and changes to come with this new Australian Fashion Week vibe!

Expanding attendance for all

So far, only fashion professionals and the members of the press were able to attend these exclusive events and bask in the beauty of the selected runway collections. The rest of us, mere mortals, were able to enjoy only vicariously through their reporting and of course, always sterling visuals to go with the storytelling. 

In 2021, Australian Fashion Week will take on a new approach: members of the public will be able to attend this memorable, fashion-celebrating event! However, keep in mind that not all shows will be open for public attendees, but a selection of a few bigger shows will be open for all. This level of inclusivity will certainly bring a whole new note of fabulous for those who have been looking for such an opportunity for a very long time! 

Small designers encouraged

From fashionable eco-warrior designer names all the way to major fashion players, Australia’s thriving fashion scene is certainly known for innovation, brilliance, and authenticity. You’ll find many locally-made, yet exceptionally luxurious names, as well as globally known Australian brands designing garments for women in particular, such as Aje – all of which are fairly known and recognized on the local scene. 

What will change with 2021, however, is that fashion week will revoke the entry fee for designers, finally making it possible for many smaller names to prove themselves on the runways. Yet another way inclusivity will reshape this monumental event, and a wonderful opportunity for smaller designers to find their place in this growing industry. 

Changing fashion moving forward

Fashion has always been more than a reflection of reality. Designers use their creativity to outline relevant issues, cultural authenticity, timeless human goals, and to express their views of the world. In a way, modern women’s clothing in Australia today shows the direction of this country and the shopping trends that shape it, which will also be represented at these events. 

For example, fashion will tackle the post-pandemic world, the new work-life relationship that is slowly emerging, and thus new fashion flows that will define professional clothing and the like. Even though more people are working for home, there will be no reason to work in PJs. If anything, designers will show how you can bring more vibrancy through color and texture, while remaining comfortable and elegant, whether you work from home or at the office. Other relevant issues will gain exposure, too, giving rise to new fashion trends in the world beyond the pandemic.

The see-now, buy-now dominion

Immediately shoppable? Absolutely! After months of trouble and stress, designers want to give some momentary satisfaction for their event attendees and fashion aficionados. That said, you’ll see that this year’s fashion week will be clad in things you can take home with you practically without delay.

The trend of see-now, buy-now runways will dominate this year’s event in Australia, helping designers bring their fashion closer to their avid fashion lovers, and to make their creations visible immediately after the show.

While we have yet to see what some of the greatest fashion brands, famous designers, and small but up-and-coming names have to offer, this year’s fashion week is filled with great hope for the future. An event to give an exclusive glance to the public and access to more than just the greatest of the great in fashion, it will surely be remarkable to attend in whatever capacity. Hopefully, the rules of social distancing will diminish or be revoked by then, while we’re preparing for a season of a new batch of runway beauty.