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The culmination of over 35 years industry experience, Vieux is the realisation of a bold and unending desire to craft the finest luxury eyewear.

Amidst the ever-changing trends, Vieux Eyewear shines with its limited edition, individually numbered eyewear. Beyond being eyewear, it’s a testament to generational craftsmanship and artistic innovation. Founded by father and son duo, Paul and Jack Surman, Vieux combines decades of expertise with contemporary elegance and modern innovation. Paul Surman’s over four decades of surfing experience brings an innate connection to the ocean, deeply influencing Vieux’s design philosophy. Jack Surman, as a musician and photographer, amplifies his father’s passion for eyewear, infusing Vieux with a unique creative rhythm. Vieux epitomizes the blend of age-old artisanal expertise, innovative design, and precious materials. Every frame is a wearable piece of art, meticulously handcrafted by artisans who have stood by Paul for decades.


Noir (latest collection) – Featuring a limited edition of four unique styles, with only 100 pieces of each design in this run, Noir pushes the boundaries of fashion with innovative craftsmanship. What sets Noir apart is the new cutting-edge double laminate arm process. Vieux Eyewear seamlessly combines clear and black acetate, allowing the inner Beta Titanium core to shine through. Each piece boasts a custom oversized corrugated inner core, lavishly coated in 18K gold, an 18K internal inlay, intricate laser-etched details, and a range of additional premium finishes, elevating these frames beyond prior collections.

Noir Collection – 4 New Styles | Price: $400 AUD

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