Up Your Brunch Game with Brookie’s New Davidson Plum ‘GinJam’

WORDS: Amelia Watson PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied

Cape Byron Distillery, home of the highly awarded Brookie’s Gin, has officially launched their Byron Slow GinJam this month.

Set amongst the lush rainforest of the Byron Bay hinterland, the Distillery keeps true to the art of distillation while creating spirits, and now an Australian Gin Jam that captures and showcases flavours distinctive to the luscious area.

From the production of Brookie’s Slow Gin, a rare and one-of-a-kind gin, with native Davidson Plums, the Distillery is left with kilograms of gin infused Davidson Plums. With sustainability at the core of everything they do, the Distillery decided to repurpose these plums with fresh Davidson Plums to create a truly unique flavoured jam. The result is a perfectly balanced tart, sweet and tangy jam that is vegan, gluten and alcohol free.

Eddie Brook, Co-Founder of Brookie’s Gin, says, “We are blessed with an abundance of incredible native Australian produce in our own backyard in Byron, and we couldn’t be prouder that we can have fun with such unique flavours in our products. The Davidson Plum, the jewel of our rainforest, is packed with an array of vitamins and minerals. It is a true ‘bushfood’ delicacy, and we couldn’t be more stoked that people can now enjoy it in a jam!”

He continues, “I believe that native produce, and what is unique to our land, should be at the core of our food and drink culture. For us, it’s about constantly learning and having fun with the different flavours Australia has to offer! With everything we do, we always ensure sustainable practices and environmental consideration is our top priority and we’re excited that this resulted in a Gin Jam.”

Brookie’s Byron Slow GinJam can be spread on your favourite bread, scone or cracker. It’s also the perfect addition to cheese platters and mixed-in cocktails. You can shake it up in three of Brookie’s tasty cocktails:


Glass: Short Glass
Garnish: Edible Flower & Mint Sprig

Method: Shake with ice & strain into ice-filled glass.
(If you don’t have a shaker use an old jam jar instead.)

60ml Brookie’s Byron Slow Gin
30ml Lemon Juice
1x teaspoon of Brookie’s Byron Slow GinJam
½ Egg White or 10ml Aquafaba


Glass: Wine Glass
Garnish: Lemon Twist

Method: Shake with ice & fine strain into ice-filled glass.
Top w/ Prosecco.

45ml Brookie’s Byron Slow Gin
20ml Lemon Juice
10ml Sugar Syrup
2x teaspoon of Brookie’s Byron Slow GinJam


Glass: Nick and Nora
Garnish: Dried Cumquats

Method: Shake with ice & fine strain into glass.

45ml Brookie’s Byron Slow Gin
15ml Shirl The Pearl
20ml Lemon Juice
2x teaspoon of Brookie’s
Byron Slow GinJam