Tropical Fruit World Celebrates 40 Years in Business with a Fruitful Birthday Bash

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Join in the festivities with a party for all ages, from fun activities to delicious treats

In a celebration of four decades dedicated to the cultivation of exotic tropical fruits, Tropical Fruit World is gearing up for a 40th-anniversary party on Saturday 7th of October. This milestone event promises a day of fruity fun, entertainment, and a showcase of local flavours that will make your tastebuds dance.

Established in 1983, Tropical Fruit World has been a pioneer in growing and promoting exotic tropical fruits in the lush heartland of New South Wales. With 220 acres of pristine orchards and gardens, the farm has flourished into a horticultural haven, offering visitors a unique opportunity to experience the world of tropical fruits firsthand.

To commemorate this incredible journey, the 40th-anniversary bash will be a family-friendly affair, filled with activities for all ages. Kids will have a blast with interactive games, workshops, and even a golden avo treasure hunt. There will also be educational tours where young explorers can learn about the fascinating world of tropical fruits and their significance in local agriculture.

But it’s not just about the kids – adults can indulge in the celebration too! Tropical Fruit World will be partnering with local food and beverage suppliers to offer a delectable array of dishes and drinks inspired by the region’s bountiful produce. From exotic fruit cocktails to mouth-watering tropical fruit-infused cuisine, this event will be a true feast for the senses. Guests will also enjoy live music performances, making it the perfect day out for families, fruit enthusiasts, and anyone looking to savour the best of what the Tweed Valley has to offer.

The festivities will commence at 8am when the farm gates swing open for their weekly farmers market and will carry on throughout the day. This birthday party for the ages will pay homage to the past whilst roaring into the exciting future for this pioneering business.

Check out their website and social channels for more details.